Hippeastrums from seed

By Sandra Holloway (sanandreyas70) on May 28, 2011

Over the past few weeks I have started Hippeastrums from seed. There are two methods that I have learned on how to start them. The first method is to float them in water and the second is to start them in soil. The seeds will not grow into a mature blooming flower for 3-4 years.

If your Hippeastrum plant has been pollinated it will produce a seed pod.  The seed pod will start as a small bump behind the flower.  Once the flower dries and falls off naturally the seed pod will begin to swell.


 The seed pod will dry out and crack open so you can collect the seeds.  



The seeds will need to dry out for a week or two after they are removed from the pod.    You can keep the seeds for up to a year before you try to germinate them, but the longer you wait the less likely the seeds will sprout. 

Here are a few dried Hippeastrum seeds....they have brownish thin paperlike shell. 


If the thin papery brown seed has a small bump in the center (which is the actual seed) then your seed should be viable.


There are two common methods of starting Hippeastrum seeds.  One is sowing them in soil and the other floating them in water.


Here is our 1st attempt below at both method.  The seeds in soil started on 051011 and the seeds in water on 051311.


Seeds in soil...


Mixed variety of Amaryllis seeds started in soil.  The seed starting soil was placed in a plastic container with holes on the bottom.  We keep the soil moist by misting it with water from a small spray bottle.  The lid is kept on and it is kept outside in warm/hot temperatures.



Ten days later we see a small root forming in just one seed.






Fifteen days after being in soil several of the seeds in soil are taking root.






Seeds in water...


H. Lemon Lime seed was started floating in water.   (Our seed pod was aborted..but i collected the seed anyway).  The seeds were dried out and then placed in a container of luke warm water.  We change out the water every few days.  The container has a lid with a hole on the top and it is kept outside in warm/hot temperatures.







The first sign of a root has taken place about 10 days after the seeds are floating.  You may have to enlarge picture by double-clicking to see the teeny tiny root.






The roots are getting longer at 13 days.




To be continued......

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About Sandra Holloway
My name is Sandra, I have a wonderful husband, Joe, 3 of the best children ever, 5 dogs and now I am collecting Hippeastrums! Joe is the real gardener of the family...he has kept a wondeful vegetable garden for us every year. This year I hope to have a gardenful of beautiful Hippeastrums...I really enjoy having the Hippeastrums and learning all i can about them.

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