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» Any Rules I must follow to belong this Cubit?
Welcome to the Hosta Cubit. We want you to enjoy your stay here and in order to make that happen we have rules that each of you will be expected to abide by. Included in these expectations are the following:

*Short version: Be nice or leave.

•If you post a photo within the forum, it must be your own photo. The exception would be only if you have permission from another photographer to use his/her photo privately or publicly. Do not copy or use photos posted to this site without permission of the person posting the photo.

•There will be no use of profanity or any taunting.

•Posts that do not follow guidelines will be edited or deleted.

•The cubit owner(s) may change the guidelines at any time.

Please keep these terms in mind when you join our Hosta Cubit.
Violators of the rules or the Hosta Cubit rules for proper behavior risk being banned from this Cubit.

» Who is this Cubit created for?

Everyone interested in gardening in a shady environment or just to look at gardening pictures is welcome. Novices and hybridizers alike will find something unique and interesting in our forums.

As the Hosta Cubit grows, there are databasesfor tracking hybridizing efforts, identifying hosta (with pictures), hosta sellers & gardens, and for locating other resources.
The cubit also holds forums to communicate with many friends with whom share your hosta habit.


Everything to do with Hostas - searchable databases for: hybridizing tracking, identifying hostas, photos, hosta terms, societies and groups, vendors, display gardens Links to information: diseases, propagation, discussion groups, plant databases

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