Hooked on Hoya: Valuable Growing Information

This comes to us courtesy of Carol Noel (Aloha Hoya). Many thanks Carol for giving me permission to re-print this valuable information.

The following is from notes I took while talking with David Liddle about growth habits of some hoyas. This is not meant to be a "how you should grow your hoyas" but how the hoyas grow in the wild. Remember that hoyas basically grow where and how they can grab a foothold in nature: from crotches of trees where leaf litter accumulates, in a clump of moss on a branch etc. These growing condition are how David has found the hoyas he has collected.

H. albiflora - 2 monsoon region. Moisture necessary, moderate indirect light.

H. aldrichii - Grows slightly dry and warm.

H. archboldiana - Lowland trees and shrubs, high indirect light. Let it grow dryer in winter.

H. bella - From moist highland rain forest...constant moisture. Cool

H. bhutanica - Grows dryer, moderate light.

H. bordenii - Grows shady, moist, cool dim to moderate light.

H. callistophylla - From dark, deep shade. Grows wet.

H. campanulata - Found at edge of forest. High humidity and light.

H. caudate - High humidity and air movement.

H. cembra - Likes light and grows dryish.

H. citrina - Double monsoon area. From mangroves - moisture. Understory plant.

H. curtisi - Moist. Deep shade. Don't let it get dry.

H. davidcummingii - Found near Lake Bulisan in moderate shade.

H. dennisii - Deep shade.

H. deykei - Double monsoon area. Likes warm and shady, hates cold and wet.

H. doliocosparte - Found in a cleared forest under a log.

H. engleriana - Found at high altitude where it got fog at night during the dry season. Getting dry would probably kill the plant.

H. erythrina - Grows in understory with little light and lots of air movement.

H. erythrostemma - Found beside a river, shady, moist, good air movement.

H. flavida - Cool is OK.

H. fusca - Likes deep shade, moisture.

H. glabra - A wet forest climber, not full sun.

H. halophila - Found in mangrove swamps. Shade. Humidity.

H. hypolasia - High humidity. Air movement is the key.

H. inconspicua - Coastal. + light.

H. kanyakumariana - would not like to grow wet.

H. kerrii - grow open and dry.

H. latifolia - Shade. Understory plant.

H. linearis - Grows dryish and cool.

H. lobbii IML 1161 - Found along streams, shady, humid.

H. loheri - Grows dryish and shady.

H. macgillivrayi - Single monsoon area. Moderate light, grow dryish in winter.

H. magnifica - Found in high altitude, in shade and lots of water.

H. megalaster - Found in deep shade, in the understory in the rainforest. High humidity.

H. mindorensis - Shade grower.

H. naumanii - Found in the understory, moist, low light.

H. nummularoides - Grows dryish.

H. odetteae - Grows moist but not wet in shade.

H. obtusifolia - From mountain areas + moisture + humidity

H. pachyclada - Grows dryish. Capable of withstanding long periods of drought.

H. padangensis - Grows dryish.

H. parviflora - Less light - grow like H. carnosa.

H. purpureo-fusca - Grows in midstory of forest, dim light + humidity.

H. pusilla - Dim light. + water + humidity.

H. sariae - From shady jungle.

H. scortechinii - Grow moist.

H. sp. 1280 aff. H. kentiana - Not too wet.

H. subglabra - Moderate to cool. Moderate light. Found in high altitude growing in the grass in an aging moss forest.

H. revoluta - Found at beach edge. Warm and lots of water.

H. rigida - Found in mangrove swamp with high humidity and moderate to bright light.

H. thomsonii - Found on rocks next to a stream. Grow cool, deep shade, high humidity. Air flow.

H. waymaniae - Found in understory, deep shade.

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