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Jun 24, 2012 7:07 AM CST
Name: Jelinda Ivey
zone 8a
please i will appreciate any help or even a good bug web site.I am sorry for the poor focus & well just awful pictures.I have eye problem from surgery i had because of a problem my MS was causing with my eyes,yea my eyes still can't see very well Sad
Thumb of 2012-06-24/johoya/a192a9
this worm who is pretending to be a stick is the second type of worm i've found, on my black pussy willow (bushes not in the ground yet)this worm maybe (inch worm) cause it has suction type things on each end with nothing in the middle and it inched around. :confused:Thumb of 2012-06-24/johoya/bd10ac
other had a soft body except it's head was a hard brown shell,smaller than this worm.it,do they eat leaves?
Thumb of 2012-06-24/johoya/7787f2
this is my poor bush something is killing leaves.
Thumb of 2012-06-24/johoya/9bd0fd
the bug is in the middle of all the white cottony stuff, i hope you can see it well enough to make an ID
Thumb of 2012-06-24/johoya/010302
i found this on 1 stem of an elephant bush,no bugs just the aftermath..cleaned it off with alcohol wipes,it was kinda hard not soft at all.what kinda bugs leave this behind,was it eggs maybe.
Thumb of 2012-06-24/johoya/eb972d
there are 2 bugs in this picture the bigger one on top has black eyes & has a little black color on the side of it's head and this is a fairly small one.The bug below in that same picture,is that a mealy or are they the same bug but at different stages in their lives.Big head does have a fan like shaped tail and does fly away fast.
Thumb of 2012-06-24/johoya/b9815f
Thumb of 2012-06-24/johoya/ea0edc
This spring all the tiny little bugs decided to declare war & give it their best to infest everything!! Angry
I asked for a flower and he gave me a garden,then grand-kids to work in it with me!!!!
Jun 24, 2012 7:26 AM CST
Name: Alka
South Florida
Jelinda, sorry to hear about your eye problem. Definitely makes it difficult to garden. You got such an extensive infestation with variety of bugs in your yard, I would hire a lawn service for pest control if it was mine. Although it is not cheap, it saves you a lot of physical and mental stress. These lawn service people can also fertilise and do general maintainence of garden. You can negotiate price for short vs long term service. Just my 2 cents.
My neighbour has it and it has served him well.
Best wishes.
Jun 24, 2012 11:06 AM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
I think there is a Cubit member, Critterologist, who IDs them well.

Jelinda...the stippling on the leaves appears to be the same Thrips that are doing the same damage to your Azaleas. The white cottony stuff looks to me like Mealybugs....the worm maybe an InchWorm but I have always thought they were green.

It's a pity you have eye problems...because your pictures are really so blurry Confused it's hard to make anything out.

Do you have a neighbour or family member who could take the pictures? Do you have a State University nearby? They have an Agricultural Extension Service and could be of help. Do you have a Master Gardener group near you...they are usually connected with the Agricultural Extension Service.

Have you Googled "major garden pests in XYZ(your area"...

Remember...NOT ALL BUGS are bad. Some really pesky ones can be beneficials like the Soldier Fly....

I am sorry I cannot help you more....but I think you need some professional help from a Master Gardener...or a good local nursery (FORGET the big box stores).... Start out with NON Chemical methods first and then move into the nasty stuff. Big Grin
Leap. The net will appear.
Jun 25, 2012 8:11 AM CST
Name: Jelinda Ivey
zone 8a
I also thought inch worms were green as well,i also have never heard of them blending in to the point of being able to look like a stick.I really had to look close (with magnifying glass) to see it wasn't and then it moved!! Rolling my eyes.

I think my problem maybe solved with time,We have only lived here a year & it was a fixer upper more so outside.We had 20-25 tree cut from around the house and to make a yard.The tree's were so tall they had kinda made a canopy and no sun got to the ground.We may have messed with the natural homes for these bugs.I had plants outside last summer with no bugs.

Thumb of 2012-06-25/johoya/6aee5f
it's almost like living on a mountain,my drive way is on the edge over the side goes straight down to a creek
Thumb of 2012-06-25/johoya/8e5fa5
we are clearing this side the opposite side from the drive way
Thumb of 2012-06-25/johoya/f04df6
out back straight down to the creek

Maybe i have disturbed a natural habitat and given some bugs better tasting food.That's not their fault,i cut down the tree's.BUT i still don't want to compromise with them i want them to go back into the woods.
that could just be the craziest thing i ever posted. Rolling on the floor laughing Confused or could that be why they're here now but not last year?
I asked for a flower and he gave me a garden,then grand-kids to work in it with me!!!!
Jun 25, 2012 9:25 AM CST
Name: Julie Kennedy
It looks lovely and peaceful Jelinda, lucky you Smiling
Jun 28, 2012 3:03 PM CST
Name: Janet
Near Lincoln UK
Re the caterpillar, there are many Geometridae moths which blend with their surroundings so they are well camouflaged. Birds eat these, nature has made them blend in order that some survive to reproduce so they can make more caterpillars for birds to eat.

Take a look at some here .. some of them look like nobbly stems much the same as the plant they live on.


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