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Mar 21, 2014 11:04 AM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
Doug... There's a fellow in Idaho (he was my first ever hoya connection and I learned so much from him) who learned how to pollinate hoya flowers from Micheal Miyashiro who did lots and lots of crosses (Sunrise, Joy, Noelle, Jennifer etc.) and he started some major crossing: erythrina X erythrostemma, MB001 (another cross of his very much like acuta but with lovely leaves) X excavata, nicholsoniae X Joy and about 20 others.

I've been growing a lot of them out(he periodically sends me more seedlings cause my growing conditions are better than his Whistling ..and 'culling' them periodically (a process I continue to do almost everyday) taking out leaves that are unattractive, weak ones, keeping the early bloomers (one min x dc bloomed 11 months from seed being planted!!!!) Then once I have narrowed a grex down to 2 or 3 of the best combination of leaves+flowers+vigor, I move them into lower light and track what happens to the leaves with less light, will they bloom repeatedly, number of umbels each time, sizes etc. Only unique crosses that really improve upon the species will be considered. For instance, sp. Laos X purpureofusca has 3 plants in the running out of about 40 seedlings I grew out to a year...then I kept about 20 of those and have settled on 3 with possibilities. These 3 are vigorous growers, prolific bloomers (4 - 7 umbels at a time less than 20 months from seed, repeatedly) where purpureofusca is a real reluctant bloomer...selfish with her beauty.

I will be sending small plants and cuttings out to 2 or 3 collectors with different conditions to see how they perform in more 'normal conditions'....and then they will be released. We agreed that the first releases, as cuttings, will go to collectors- NOT nurseries NOR sellers and not to Thailand- for the first year. If the Thais and nurseries like Tropiflora get hold of them, they will be massed produced.

That same min X dc with the huge umbel was the one that bloomed at 11 months.

I'm also working with the Swedish Hoya Society to set up an International Cultivar Registry Authority (I always forget what the A stands for Rolling my eyes. ) so that, like roses and begonias etc. there is a Registry for Hoya cultivars. With simply everyone in the world growing out seeds and circulating them randomly, there needs to be a central 'clearing house'...where those accepted will have to be published in a certain way.

On Facebook, Mike has started a 'page' called Hoya Creations where he has posted photos of some of them and will be posting more. you see what I have been busy doing!!!! The rejects are going out on my I can enjoy the fragrances!!!!!! and the flowers....and this will be another 'test'.

I've learned a lot with this project!!! 'Hybrid Vigor' is a fact!!!!! Big Grin
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