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Aug 17, 2015 7:40 PM CST
Name: Arieoelle
Buffalo, NY
Hello all! i'm sure you have tons of threads like this but i need some help. I am new to hoyas but familiar with Carnosa. i currently have 5 plants. (yes they have nicknames)

1) Norma: a "vintage" Carnosa: long trailing vines, dark green almond leaves, pink/ white star shaped flowers, very few white speckles with no patches.

2-3) Starlet & Scarlet: a pair of variegated carnosa: trailing vines, Almond leaves, bold white & pink patches

4) Indira: variegated Carnosa Compacta: Indian rope plant: trailing vines, bold white & pink patches, curled leaves

5) Kamala: ???????: round leaves, no white/ pink, young growth seems to be red purple, fast growing, aggressive climber (it will even climb itself... I've seen ivy less tenacious than this)

So i started a new job and in the window next to my station was Norma, this dead looking plant with 1 green leaf and a massive fungal infection. so i did emergency surgery and cutaway everything but the leaf and 15% of the roots that seemed clean. it sprung back and i took it with me when i left that hell hole.

recently I decided she needed some company so i picked up Starlet & Scarlet from a local garden center. while there i was told they would have some rope plants in a week, so i put one on reserve.

It was while i was picking up Indira that I saw Kamala and she's the one i need help identifying. she was labeled as a variegated carnosa.... so i asked if any of the employees knew what she was since the tag was clearly wrong Grumbling . Their hoyas 'expert' shrugged said it was as labeled Grumbling but since it was annoying to take down she was only willing to do so if i was truely interested in buying Grumbling (which i did)

I'd love to know what she is though and if there is any special care she needs compared to the others?

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