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Mar 30, 2010 10:07 AM CST
Name: Dominic Murray
Lanzarote, Canary Islands

ive tried a lot of mixes. When I lived in the UK, most were grown in more of a Cactus medium....Sharp Sand, fine Gravel, Peat and John Innes...Altho it was successful, there were fewer Hoyas around then ( bout 30 years ago ), it would be the kiss of death to my Hoyas here, I think
In the UK....cold grey skies in the winter, but warm as toast indoors and the mix didnt take too long to dry out. Here its outside growing all year, and Ive slowly cut down and down with the mix until it is now just chuncky Orchid Bark. This generally stays wet/damp for a few days here. In london, this mix would have dried out too rapidly in a heated house, it does inside the house here on the few I keep indoors. However, due to the high humidity now , especially at night, anything with Perlite, Peat or the likes, just wasnt drying out at all and remaining a heavy mush and I was geting root rot a lot.
I use clay pots where I can, and make my own hanging baskets with Chicken wire and line them with what I can only decribe as Palm Fibre which has been treated with some form of water repellant. These also drain fast, and will allow the Medium to dry out rapidly after heavy rain.
The Clay Pots I hang with chain for 2 reasons... 1 to keep the critters from eating the plants by hanging them off the floor, and 2, it makes easy transfer from Clay Pot to Basket when the plant is big enough without damaging any growth around the Chain..which is then used to attach to the basket..plant intact.
For me, the potting medium is very much dependant on the environment the plant is grown in. Something to wet easily, but something to also dry easily so you can regulate the watering better. If the pots dry out almost daily, I would add a little something to retain the water better, Peat, Perlite etc, and if the medium is not drying out at all, its too heavy for your conditions and start eliminating whats retaining the water from the mix

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