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Apr 7, 2010 7:10 AM CST
Name: Doug
Lamoille County, VT
All Hoyas grow well under artificial light if you provide the right type. Most of my experience comes from growing them under High Output t-5 fluorescent tubes which are around 1/2 inch in diameter and use 54 watts of electricity per tube. Regular fluorescents just don't have the necessary lumens to get results except with the smallest of Hoyas, and the bulbs must also almost be touching the plant. The High Output fixtures that I use will penetrate up to three feet into the canopy, and can also be hung vertically and used to side-light a really tall plant - I used this method to bloom my H. macgillivrayi.

I'm sure excellent results could also be achieved with HID lights like metal halide and high pressure sodium, but I have no personal experience with this type of light. I have been experimenting with LED plant lights, but the results are far from stellar. These lights will grow a powerfully long vine, but foliage growth is negligible. It will however do a nice job of maintaining a plant until you can get it back outside in the summer.

Another secret to doing well with artificial light is to maintain high humidity levels. I run a small whole house humidifier in my plant room continually in order to maintain proper humidity. The heat produced by many lights in the same room will dry the air much like a food dehydrator and will cause quick die back of all tender growth in no time. I try to maintain relative humidity in the 50-75% range.

Some of the Hoyas that I have bloomed under artificial light with no supplemental sunshine include: H. densifolia, H. kanyakumariana, H. lobbii, H. multiflora, H. pubicalyx, H. kenejiana, H. diversifolia, H. cumingiana, H.anulata,and H. lamingtoniae and H. lacunosa.

Another good idea in a plant room is to have good air circulation. To achieve this I run two fans 24/7. Photo is of H. kanyakumariana bloomed under artificial light.


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