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Jan 14, 2011 11:17 AM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
OK...I have GOOD news, and I have MORE GOOD news!

1. Good News (for me)...I am NOT going to write/compile/edit a book re: hoya cultivation. I entertained the idea for a while, and I got great support from various corners for it. I simply do NOT have time. Last year I made 70 years old and am starting to slow down a wee bit Whistling . I have 2 orchards, 12 acres, and a house to take care of. Then there are the things I am committed to such as Self Sufficiency for our state because one day the boats won't be coming... Most important - I want to paint! Yes...I want to paint and lose myself in my creative processes: a big mosaic sign for the street number....all that sort of 'stuff'. Big Grin

2. More GOOD news...Here on this Cubit there is the framework/enthusiasm/knowledge and fingerpower (for the keyboard) to create the most complete Hurray! versatile Hurray! and useful I tip my hat to you. source for Hoya Cultivation Information!!!!

We ALL know this. But we are expecting someone else to do it!!!

WITHIN this group there is a tremendous amount of knowledge!!! Experience!!!

The DATABASE is the beginning of something really powerful...there is not another one like it. OH...maybe one of the Swedish groups has one...but it is not available anyone.

LEEANNE STARK is tremendously knowlegeable ... she writes well, she is very computer literate...she is in control of this powerful 'machine'...and she can create just about anything we want here: Sections on Lighting, Airflow, Trellising etc.

INTERNATIONAL growers and collectors, like Songkrup, Zig....Dom in Spain with years of experience....lots of us. Even YOU...yes YOU in Florida or Idaho or Vermont... YOU have succeeded growing many hoyas in your environment and that is VERY useful information!!! Songkrup has some of the MOST thorough and detailed photos I have ever seen.

No one person...not me nor anyone who grows hoyas...can tell anyone how to grow a hoya/what potting mix to use/the BEST way to propagate cuttings...NO ONE can. But Thumbs up we can all share the knowledge and experiences we do have!!!

In my brief experience, I have learned there are not any 'difficult hoyas to grow'...but there are hoyas I have difficulty growing!!!!

SO...I propose that we start out by all contributing to the we grow that specific hoya/what we have learned about that hoya/etc. If we find something interesting online...share it in the appropriate area....

What do you think? I must get 10 emails a week asking me questions about "What hoya will grow well for me" (where do you live, what are your conditions, do you know about growing tropicals.....) "How do I grow these hoyas?", "What is the potting medium I should use".... If the answers/suggestions/ideas were available many people could get involved in growing hoyas..there would be a larger community and a greater awareness.....

So....let's hear your ideas!!! What you would like to see and your ideas for making this happen?????? Lovey dubby I tip my hat to you.
Leap. The net will appear.

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