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Feb 21, 2012 2:04 AM CST
Name: David
San Francisco Bay area
Those are some beautiful grow rooms Doug and Christina!

I totally agree with what Doug has said above. I love my T-5s. Yes to humidifiers, yes to fans, yes to constant feeding.

I would add that longer light periods can make up for lower light levels to some extent, so I leave my lights on for 16hrs a day.

I do heat my downstairs grow area to 70 deg. F. (21 C.) during the day in the cool part of the year. The actual leaf temperatures are much higher under the lights, but getting soil up to 70 is important I feel for good growth. Night temperatures drop down into the 50's for me; the alpine sp. love this, and the lowland ones tolerate it, I guess. Ideally, I would keep the lowland tropicals over 65 at night.

In my second under-lights garden (the current set-up) I have only had a few months of growing time. I do have buds developing on Hoya sheperdii, 'Mathilde', paziae, multiflora, javanica, davidcummingii, and good old 'DS 70'.

In the past I flowered quite a few species under lights. I would recommend the ones the others have mentioned above, and: rotundiflora ("sp. Square Leaf"), longifolia, 'Minibelle', 'Sheperdell', 'Chouke', thomsonii, serpens, ovovata x carnosa, fitchii, and of course, lacunosa in all her forms.

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