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Apr 5, 2012 11:56 PM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
Damn....I wrote a whole article with pictures and links etc. and lost it. ARGHHHHHH. But here's the thing to GOOGLE

A SUSPENDED POT, NON-CIRCULATING HYDROPONIC METHOD There are a number of links on the Google page that are worthwhile looking at...especially the one on Tomatos. Bernie Kratsky recently retired ...and he is an enthusiastic veggie grower of the first order!!!! There was NOTHING this man did not grow...

I will start something tomorrow...and you can see how I have made my set up to work for me, using recycled materials I had handy...and on a small scale. There are folks who set up a 4x8 table and sell at farmers markets...or to families .... or just eat themselves.... it is so much easier than the whole garden weeds, the lettuce really doesn't need to be washed (no dirt) and no bugs. What is wrong with that? I cut leaves off of that head of lettuce for dinner and it was delicious... Bob and I could be happily in lettuce with 2 or 3 bottles going....

I use 1 gal bottles of milk, clorox, dish name it!

I'll make a tutorial using little peat pots.... but here (as a teaser) is my recent new planting.... I covered the clear bottles in black plastic so as not to get algae in the water.

The bottles in a row, waiting to be filled with water/fertilizer, the pots with the seedling and then covered with the black plastic. The black net pots are shown, as well as the yellow 'forestry tube' (with additional holes drilled in the sides).SEE BELOW

Some bottles have necks that are too I cut 'collars' to hold the 'pots'
I don't have to cover these with black plastic. Here they are planted.SEE BELOW

Fire away with questions. I'll try to answer. can sow seeds directly into the net pots. NO..once to set it up you don't have to touch anything until you harvest. HONEST!!!!!Thumb of 2012-04-06/AlohaHoya/9bef8b

Thumb of 2012-04-06/AlohaHoya/b15b4f

Man...I find it hard to make sense of this.... SO.....I am off to bed and tomorrow will take more photos and answer questions.... What is cool is that Bob and I had a great salad tonight with the large outer leaves of that one head you saw in the photo. 3 bottles growing would keep us in lettuce at all times...but I like to share, so I grow many.
Leap. The net will appear.

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