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May 2, 2012 11:16 AM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
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Enlisting the help of everyone here....(hey, Dave, Doug, Christina, Joni....that means you all,too!!!) What have been your observations as to: 1) why hoyas bloom or don't bloom, 2) what to do about it?

I'll start it off........

What I know: Producing flowers is the way a plant reproduces; flowers call the pollinators which visit the plant and hopefully seeds ensue. It's a plants' natural instinct to bloom (in whatever their pattern might be...often, seldom, one and then they die...whatever). Most plants, when stressed or dying, will bloom in an effort to save their species... Glare but this isn't a recommended method.

The fertilizers we use have N-P-K numbers (generally)...and those numbers refer to the N=Nitrogen (for growth) P=Phosphorous (for flowers and roots) K=Potassium (for over all health)...and there are good fertilizers and better fertilizers out there...each with a purpose and each fills specific needs better than others. This is really a basic is far more complicated. I am a very average bear and don't know much about chemistry...just learning from experience.


Last year I was all keen on Chicken Manure (3-1-1) and (unfortunately for me) I got a lot of growth and very few flowers....and it was a very good lesson to learn. A grower had told me he used Chicken Manure with great results...and then I realized that this grower sold cuttings and, of course, he was interested in producing LOTS of vegetative growth on his plants.... If I had thought about it more carefully I would have realized that.

Early this year I began using a BLOOM fertilizer (15-30-15) and I am thrilled with the results. Dyna-Bloom good choice. Fertilizers for Tomatoes is good too.

I still use Chicken Manure (a little bit in my medium) when I pot up rooted cuttings and plants.

IF I were having trouble blooming mature plants (not just one or two, but an overall problem) I would suggest testing the pH of your planting medium and water. I would also look at the water used for watering the plants: most tropicals do NOT like treated water (with all the chemicals used like chlorine and flouride etc.). If you cannot access rain water, allowing the water to sit in an open container for 24+ hours allow the chemicals to 'flash' off.

Now...please don't consider this as the Gospel According to Carol - it isn't. This is just to open a dialogue about fertilizing...and what does and doesn't work to encourage blooming..... Big Grin
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