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May 3, 2012 2:13 AM CST
Name: Julie Kennedy
Oh great topic Carol!

My two pennyworth...I think its also good to do as much research as possible on the original growing conditions the plant was found in. Although many hoyas are totally adaptable to whatever conditions you give them (carnosa's and pubicalyx's for example), others do not thrive unless you can give them the conditions they need. If they don't thrive, they don't bloom.

We have all seen the variety of growing methods and mediums that people have adapted for use in their own specific conditions - and most of this is trial and error. As we are such a geographically diverse group of people, what works for one person may or may not work for another. I personally grow a lot of my hoyas in unprotected west facing windows with direct sun - which many of you wouldn't dream of. I rarely get a scorched leaf!! I sit my plants on trays of grit which is watered regularly to increase humidity and (now thanks to info gleaned from other growers) fertilise at almost every watering with a half strength african violet or seaweed fertiliser.

I have concentrated my growing on getting healthy flourishing plants - if I can do this, then I hope they will bloom for me. Any that don't adapt to the conditions I give them, I restart and try a different medium. Since using semi-hydro for 'difficult' (for me) plants, I have been amazed at the results. So much so that I have started trying to root cuttings in hydroton too. I am lucky to grow H engleriana very successfully - and am rooting some cuttings in hydroton for a friend. They have rooted and shooted so quickly and successfully, I am now considering restarting my own plant in this way!

I totally agree with Doug regarding light. I need to heavily invest in some grow lights if I ever want some of my plants to bloom. We have seen the sun once (briefly) in the last 6 weeks. Gloomy low cloud and dark conditions persist - tricking my australis's into thinking its Autumn already. Some are budding up.

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