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Aug 15, 2012 12:11 PM CST
Name: Lali (Begoniacrazii)
Agreed on the soap mix.And actually I find the soap/oil spray to be pretty effective.

I didn't really consider not using BATS until I became a 'beek' and found out what it does. And again, no judgment to others if you use it or similar insecticides as everyone has different growing environments and some have hoyas as their business and need to protect their livelihood. It's just something to be aware of when used.

Another neem derivative that I use is called Azamax, that's the brand name but any product containing azadirachtin will work. It is essentially a 100% neem product without the oil effect. Some plants, such as begonias or gesneriads suffocate or have intense leaf damage with the neem oil, so I switched to Azamax. It works very effectively for spot treatments of aphids and mealies.

I use a tad of it with a bit of dish soap as both a surfactant and suffocater and I've had good success with it.

My only problem with mites these days are on my brugs. Pretty hard to dunk those so I just gave up and relegated them to the back of the yard. Too much work to spray them and their upkeep in our winter temps became too much. Each year as the got larger and larger, I couldn't haul them into the greenhouse so they wouldn't freeze. I decided that though I love them, I love hoya MORE and they are easier to move in and out of the house/greenhouse.
Truly - for my hoya, I only get the occasional, rare mealie and on my polyneura which I put outside each spring, it gets those little yellow aphids this time of year. One or two good soap sprays gets rid of them, but they do come back and I just spray and rinse again. Not too much trouble.
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