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Aug 30, 2012 7:52 PM CST
Name: Mark Koenig
St. Clements, ON, CAN
H. oychoides iml 0559
H. archboldiana iml 0560
H. revolubilis was sp. Kumming Kina
H. gigantangan
H. lobbii II black
H. megalaster iml 1098
H. mindorensis 'red center star'
H. elliptica splash
H. pachyclad I
H. dasyantha
H. elliptica clone B
H. subcalva iml 0229
H. lasiantha
H ciliata iml 0390
H. affins
H. Finchii "yellow form"
H. blashernaezii
H. rigida Thailand red leaf form IML 1669
H. sp. kochong IML 1508
H. Finlaysonii EPC 318
H. salwenica GPS 7074
H. sp. palawan GPS 59057
H. sp. bogor
H. padangensis IML 0421
H. wibergiae IML 1618
H coriacea
H. limoniaca

Looking for

H. annacajanoae (Philippines)
H. aff. vitellina IML 1348
H. aurantiaca (Philippines)
H. callistophylla IML 1174 Ipps3756 same
H. callistophylla ipps 01105
H. callistophylla ut -158
H. carnosa cultivars ‘Pixie Krinkle’
H. clemensiorum IML 1012
H. crassicaulis (Philippines)
H. curtisii Philippines
H. cv. ‘Red Masterpiece’ (Another from Miyashiro)
H. cv. "Rainforest’ (A Miyashiro cultivar)
H. cv. Kaimuki
H. cv.Noelle
H. ilagii Mt Mabilog
H. inflata
H. kloppenburgii Yellow
H. litophytica PES 01
H. meredithii ipps 03425
H. mindorensis Black IML1777
H. mindorensis Quezon 1-006
H. multiflora SV406
H. nyhuusiae
H. patella pink IML1096
H. platycaulis Philippines
H. polystachya IML 1410
H. rigida IML 1424
H. rigida IML 1529
H. scortechinii Waykambas
H. soligamiana (Philippines)
H. sp. UT 001
H. sp. 60 H. sp. (AP1128) Philippines
H. sp. aff. walliniana UT152
H. sp. GPS 7020
H. sp. Loei province (AP1023)
H. sp. parasitica "Ko Chang" Island IML 1508
H. sp. Sulawesii GPS 8898
H. sp. Sumatra IML 1198
H. sp. Welsh Mountain Zoo IML 0905
H. vitellina/fusco-marginata IML 0452
H. vitiensis
H. clemensiorum Sabah (1 node cutting) KP long narrow strong nerved leaves (could reach 50-60 cm) 12 €
H. Sabah CR12
H. Sabah CR24 sp. Linus
H. Sabah CR44
H. mirabilis SR-2008-01 clone A (EPC-229)

Could be looking for others as well . Live in Canada but can ship

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