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Nov 23, 2012 10:47 AM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
Osmocote "grey pellets" = grey colored little balls (pellets). Osmocote, or its' mre expensive sister, Nutricote (in my opinion) are good general fertilizers ... I see them used in nurseries all of the time and I use them on my nursery plants living in the shade house where they get rain almost every night. I'm not an's just an opinion. I consider Hoyas, Orchids, Tillandsias etc. in a different category = epiphytic/semi epiphytic etc. I know my hoyas need lower doses of the nutrients over a long period of time... The numbers on the fertilizers -NPK= Nitrogen (for general growth) Phosphate (flowers) Potassium (K=Potassium) for roots/fruit. Banana trees need a lot of Potassium as do most fruit trees. Philodendrons like more Nitrogen because they grow and produce leaves for their beauty....not nec. flowers.....

Plants have growing cycles. First they have to produce roots to uptake the nutrients. Then the plant part needs good health in order to produce flowers. Flowering is a different cycle. The soil the plant is growing in is also important... I used to use peatmoss in my mix until I discovered that it stayed really soggy wet (rotting the roots) and when it dried it killed the roots and it was hard to rewet. The water you use is also should be free of chemicals (or as free as you can make it). Rain water is best.

For ME...and I can only speak for myself...I like a fertilizer that is 15-30-15 and I use it half strength or even less than half strength every 2 or 3 waterings.

I'm not terribly scientific...just know what works for me and I have had many successes and many many failures!!!

PS H. carnosa and pubicalyx seem to do better with neglect...don't you find?

Perhaps, Mitzi, your city water caused a bad reaction with the fertilizers (if you leave city water in an open bucket for about 24-48 hours most of the chemicals will evaporate.
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