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Jul 25, 2013 4:18 PM CST
I am using Growstones and like them a lot. I've had plants in them for about 5 days. Nothing is dead yet. I have some new growth on several already.

I put the stones in a huge pasta pot with water. I put in fertilizer at 1/3 strength (Orchid type), along with a tsp of baking soda to help with the Ph. I lay a plate on top to keep them in the water.

PLEASE NOTE: Baking Soda is exactly the wrong thing to use to adjust Ph down... IDK what I was thinking.

PHOSPHORUS will lower Ph -- and many Orchid fertilizers contain phosphorus. Check with your fert manufacturer I guess to find out how much you would use to adjust Growstone Ph from around 7 to around 5 for, say, a gallon of premixed soaking solution (if Ph of 5 is what you are aiming for)

I also posted this correction below in this thread.

Then I just scoop them out for planting. They stay wet for a while - if you rub one on your lip you can feel it even if you can't with your fingers.

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