Image Building a Blind that Blends with the Scenery
By Janet Colvin on September 2, 2010

For years my husband had an idea for building a blind in the shape of an octagon. Read on to see from start to finish how this blind was constructed.

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Image Why I am a bow hunter
By firefly on March 26, 2010

I had an idea. I was going to beautify my new yard with an array of easy to maintain lilies. I eagerly went to a nearby nursery and plunked down “cha-ching” $250 hard earned dollars and set out to plant the beauties. I watched as they grew. They started with long hearty green leaves. Soon the stalks appeared with several knobs of tiny buds. The excitement built as I watched the buds get larger and larger and start to turn to color. I knew very soon they would burst forth into breath taking beauty.

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Image Spike Deer
By Tom Marschall on March 22, 2010

My intent is to write a series of articles rooted in almost 50 years of studying and hunting white-tailed deer. This first one is about spiked bucks.

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Image The Hunter
By Lee Anne Stark on March 20, 2010

This story just came to me one day, out of the blue. I sat down at the 'puter and out it came, pretty much wrote itself. I hope you enjoy it.

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Image Meet Grace, the Best Bird Dog in Southeast Texas
By Janet Colvin on March 18, 2010

The first year we got her, my husband worked with her using a "dummy" bird. Grace had to first learn to sit, stay, and then to retrieve. She did great in the yard. It was when she got out in the field and heard the shot gun blasting that she really shined though and proved her worth.

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Image My First Duck Hunt in Southeast Texas
By Janet Colvin on March 17, 2010

We parked along the edge of the road on Highway 87 where our spot was. After loading up decoys, shotguns, jackets, backpacks, thermos, sunglasses, little stools to sit on, and some snacks, we headed off into the marsh. I was wearing waders and so was hubby. We had lights built into our hats. It was cold that morning. Cold is a relative thing in Southeast Texas - Here, anything below 60° is cold to me and it must have been in the low 40's. Yeah, just call me Wuss and I'll answer!!

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