Why I am a bow hunter

By firefly (firefly) on March 26, 2010

I had an idea. I was going to beautify my new yard with an array of easy to maintain lilies. I eagerly went to a nearby nursery and plunked down “cha-ching” $250 hard earned dollars and set out to plant the beauties. I watched as they grew. They started with long hearty green leaves. Soon the stalks appeared with several knobs of tiny buds. The excitement built as I watched the buds get larger and larger and start to turn to color. I knew very soon they would burst forth into breath taking beauty.




Little did I know, there were others watching too.


As I took my daily survey of the plants, I noticed suddenly all the buds were gone, every single one, every color, every size, every tender bud. It didn’t take much detective work on my part to single out the one who had defiled my lilies. The deer didn’t even bother to hide their tracks. Walking through my yard they grazed on all my lilies. Like a salad bar. In one evening, they had taken my vision, my dream, my excitement.




I decided to seek revenge. I know, soap and water sprayed on the plants, blood or hair around the plants, keep deer away.  No, they do not. I find these items only bring rain and need to be reapplied. They do not deter the deer, they just keep you busy. It also seems that fish line, nets and fences only make the plants more desirable to the deer and more of a challenge.

I thought I heard one say “It must be yummy if they are trying to protect it”.







I was already a seasoned rifle hunter. I enjoy hunting, the woods, and eating venison. I could not wait until November.






Here was my revenge. I went to the nearby sports shop and bought a bow. “cha-ching” Then I bought arrows, broad heads, peep sight, arm guard, 2010-03-24/firefly/18e2desilencers, bow case, release and a target. “cha-ching” I also needed a tent blind (the brick house) because I don’t like to climb trees. “cha-ching”.




I practiced. I shot my little arrows so many times, that I wore my target out in the center. I was ready.



All I needed was a license, some warmer weather camo clothes, a spin feeder for corn, scent loc, and a back pack for supplies. “cha-ching”

The day arrived. I got up early and snuck out to my brick house. I sat patiently waiting for action. The spin feeder ran on time. The air was crisp and clean, the sun rose to glisten the tree tops with illumination. I heard foot falls. Heads appeared from the other side of the ridge.2010-03-24/firefly/a11fc3

One after another the deer came to the feeder. They were so close I felt I could reach out and touch them.

They were beautiful. Their fur glistened in the morning sun. Their eyes were large and watchful. They licked their noses. They munched on the corn. The young pranced and played like children that they were.

Oh, it was so much fun to watch. 







And then they left. One by one, they walked away and I watched them until they were no longer visible in the woods.




I returned to the house. I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I had everything I needed to hunt those “lily eating monsters” What I forgot to take with me was revenge. I guess it must have fallen out of the backpack. Maybe I could get a refund?



Editor's Note:  The videos and photo of deer at the feeder supplied by UnIQueTreasures.  The rest of the photos belong to the author.

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