Building a Blind that Blends with the Scenery

By Janet Colvin (UniQueTreasures) on September 2, 2010

For years my husband had an idea for building a blind in the shape of an octagon. Read on to see from start to finish how this blind was constructed.

For a wild idea, this turned out pretty unique and neat. 

To see the Octoblind being build from start to finish, you can watch this slide show.

Building the Octoblind

Using some 2 X 2 lumber, picked up as leftovers on a job, my husband, Rick began bringing this idea to life.  The plans for this were in his head. He intended for this to be 4 ft. at the bottom and 5 ft. at the top.  It started out looking like an empty garbage can and ended up disappearing into the woods.... just like we wanted it to.

I was given the job of camouflaging the Octoblind.  I used a product called Great Stuff to give it a 3 dimensional effect.  Using some leftover paint in "woodsy" colors, I painted it in layers figuring the paint would hold up better with more layers, detailing with the Great Stuff so it looked like pine trees. 

A friend of ours that has a glass shop had some heavy duty plexiglas that we used for windows.  We sliced out a rail in pvc tubing to slide the plexiglas up and down.  The inside of the blind is dark enough that we will be able to get away with NOT putting "curtains" in.

The photos below will give you a brief idea of how it was put together.  Please watch the links, which include many more photos and lots of videos to see the whole project.




2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/59467a 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/7264b3
2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/281e1e  2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/3ebc42
 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/418876 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/ac01a8
 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/d199bd  2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/e5fb22
 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/6d2893  2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/a7481a
 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/b6da8a   2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/543090
 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/c195a0  2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/fc3be4
 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/a06ca4  2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/6b98aa
 2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/e90c3f  2010-09-02/UniQueTreasures/62f34e

To watch the guys putting the Octoblind up in the woods, you can watch this slide show.

Putting up the Octoblind


Your comments are welcome.

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About Janet Colvin
I've always enjoyed the outdoors and have hunted with my husband for several years. We hunted mostly birds, until this past year.

I've enjoyed setting up a camp on the deer lease and especially enjoy checking the trail cameras, seeing who/what all is out there in the woods.

I'm married to a great guy, with 2 beautiful daughters and 4 incredible grandchildren and we live in Southeast Texas.

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