Meet Grace, the Best Bird Dog in Southeast Texas

By Janet Colvin (UniQueTreasures) on March 18, 2010

The first year we got her, my husband worked with her using a "dummy" bird. Grace had to first learn to sit, stay, and then to retrieve. She did great in the yard. It was when she got out in the field and heard the shot gun blasting that she really shined though and proved her worth.

We have a lab/golden retriever mix named Grace. We got her at about 5-6 weeks and were told she was a pure bred lab and he'd get the papers to us. Uh huh.... It doesn't matter to me because she's an awesome dog!
I ordered a book by Richard A. Wolters called Water Dog so hubby could train her.
Grace is an outstanding duck dog and recognizes camouflage whenever either of us wears it. She's is on high alert then!

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The first year we got her, my husband worked with her using a "dummy" bird.  Grace first had to learn to sit, stay, and then to retrieve. 
She did great in the yard.  It was when Grace got out in the field and heard the shot gun blasting that she really shined though and proved her worth. 


Grace has learned to be very comfortable sitting on the bank.  Even goes so far as to try and take a nap. 
But the split second she hears the safety on the gun go off, she's on full alert and ready to "earn her keep".


We do everything we can to protect Grace when she's hunting in the marsh.  She gets her annual shots, we use a flea control that is OK to get wet.  She has a hunting vest she wears to keep her warm in the water.  We even tried putting some boots on her but she didn't like those at all. 


Always ready to obey her master


A little ol' alligator never bothered her!!!


 2010-03-18/UniQueTreasures/d4a134As you can see from the photos, Grace absolutely LOVES duck hunting!

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About Janet Colvin
I've always enjoyed the outdoors and have hunted with my husband for several years. We hunted mostly birds, until this past year.

I've enjoyed setting up a camp on the deer lease and especially enjoy checking the trail cameras, seeing who/what all is out there in the woods.

I'm married to a great guy, with 2 beautiful daughters and 4 incredible grandchildren and we live in Southeast Texas.

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