Article: Building a Blind that Blends with the Scenery: wow

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Image Building a Blind that Blends with the Scenery
By Janet Colvin on September 2, 2010

For years my husband had an idea for building a blind in the shape of an octagon. Read on to see from start to finish how this blind was constructed.

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Sep 2, 2010 9:22 AM CST
Name: Becky Capps
Phoenix, AZ 85022
finding joy one day at a time!
Okay, I'm not a hunter so I was baffled by the word "blind" and why anyone would want an octagon shaped blind~

Sep 2, 2010 3:32 PM CST
Name: Christine
Mid Michigan
I am a hunter and I am amazed at how well this blends into the scenery. Great job.

Did you paint the inside to keep from being silhouetted or just the location makes it dark enough inside?

We built a new tower this year with a staircase and we wanted it to stand out as it is on a fence line. This does two things. One it is a great spot to hunt, also it keeps the neighbors where they belong on their side of the fence. We wanted it to be seen as not to get accidentally shot.

Janet, you did a great job on the paint. I liked the addition of the foam for the 3D effect. Hope you have great luck this fall.
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Sep 2, 2010 4:50 PM CST
Name: Janet Colvin
Z8~Beaumont~Southeast Texas
Proud member of
Hi Christine and Becky,

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I painted the inside as well. I got the idea of using the Great Stuff when we were working on the trailer. Every time he'd use it, it would swell up and in my mind I'd see it with the camo colors on it on a blind.

I'll be nice and warm in the blind with the "glass" windows. The windows work wonderfully sliding up and down and visibility is incredible up there. He's always been conservative about cutting anything in the woods. The lease shares the woods with the Timber Company and there are strict rules about cutting any pine trees. Sometimes though he trims the branches and he's allowed to cut out any scrub that affects visibility. The feeder is set up down the main shooting lane and I can see it very well from up there in the Octoblind.

Right now, we've got hogs galore in that spot. When we chose it, there were several deer in the area. We haven't seen them lately though. We're still very hopeful though that they will return during the season. If not, we'll be having plenty of pork in the freezer. Big Grin

In hindsight, I'm sure he is now wishing he'd built it a bit taller for bow hunting. It's just tall enough for him to stand up, but he didn't take into account the extra height for the bow. He's got a tripod set up not far away though that he can use for archery.
Sep 3, 2010 7:18 PM CST
Name: Nancy
Buffalo NY
I'm very impressed! It looks like creativity runs all through your house! This was fun to read and to see!
Sep 4, 2010 9:04 PM CST
Name: Allison
very nice... you just gave me some Halloween ideas with your process... thanks!!

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