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Feb 21, 2010 12:02 PM CST
Name: B Kisner
Bradford county Pa.
Great stories. I enjoyed both of them.

Here's one more that "got away".
I worked with a guy on and off for twenty five years and knew that on weekends he ran a charter boat on Lake Ontario, Yukon Joe Charters. So anyway Joe and I are back working together and my wife and I decided to get together with another couple and take our two kids on a fishing trip with Joe for a weekend. On the first day we go out after Smallmouth Bass with light poles and 5 lb test lines, the Smallmouth's were not being very cooperative for the first hour and then we found them big time. I'm baiting the kids hooks, tying jigs on my wife's line and catching some my self, they were around 1-2 lbs and everybody's having a blast. All of a sudden my wife got a hold of a nice one and she's fighting with it for a few minutes an got it almost to the boat when it turned sideways, Joe tells her that ones over 5 lbs, no sooner did he say that when the line snaps, the look on her face was not pretty and of coarse Joe being the expert fisherman announced that the knot I had tied broke, then he looks at me and smiles. That was pretty much the end of me for the day! I fell out of grace for the rest of the day. We did get a nice mess of them and had a great supper with Joe and his wife, fresh bass and sweet corn that evening so it all ended well.
Any day my feet hit the floor is a good day

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