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By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on August 5, 2012

Sometimes along the way we meet a new friend and find out very quickly that new friends can become old friends right away. And sometimes those new old friends have new Cubit Stores. Come go shopping with me!

I love online shopping and I love plants. I'm fortunate to have friends who are also plant lovers and who just happen to have Cubit stores where they sell those wonderful little green growing things. When I find plants that will bloom indoors in the dead of winter, it's even better!  If those blooming plants also produce a delightful fragrance, well, then I'm in heaven.



Recently I received a Cmail from a new old friend and I'd like to share with you what she said:

From Jacquie Berger, JBsPlants:

"When my greenhouse gets too full, I need to get busy and move plants.

It is time to start moving the starter plants so they can be shipped during the late Summer/early Fall weather and get settled in before Winter comes. Houseplants make great gifts and my plants are in beautiful condition. They are priced to sell. The shipping is the kicker. When someone orders I get their zip code and calculate the postage according to the location and weight. If I send an invoice with $6.30 postage and the actual weight of the package is less and the postage comes out to $6.00, I refund you the 30 cents. It is worth it to me to help you save money. I have shipped 163 packages in the past year and I have 100% positive feedback, mostly because of the condition of the plants when they arrive and the way the plants are packed and shipped. I ship Priority mail but it is worth the money to save the plants.

I want to begin these last few weeks of summer by offering specials to only my Cubit members. I have everything on eBay that is here in my Cubit store. I will be selling the same things to Cubit members at a discount of several dollars each.

My plan is, if I can get more members, to reduce the item by $1.00 or more and not charge the Shipping and Handling fee of $1.00. There is at least a $2 discount to start. Depending on the number of plants I have on hand, the prices will be reduced even lower.

I wanted to let you know what my plans are, but I need more cubit members before I begin."

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**Christmas cactus?  Check. She's got it, several in fact!

**Orange zygocactus?  Check. She's got it!

**Petra's salmon holiday cactus?  Check. Yep!

**Goldfish plant?  Yep.

**Jasmine Sambac? Yep. (Heavenly scent!)

**And a variegated spider plant that I absolutely must have.

**More?? Yes! Absolutely!

**Look at this, black pussy willow. Wow! 



I don't know what she'll have left after I'm finished and I don't know about y'all, but I'm joining Jacquie's cubit right now so I can go shopping. That's all you need to do to get a discount on these great plants.

*To join, go here and click 'join this cubit'; you'll find it on the lower right side.

*Click here to go to Jacquie's Store to see what else she might have to offer.

*If you would like to see her website, go here.

Now isn't that just like an old friend, giving us an opportunity to indulge our shopping whims at a very reasonable rate?  She propagates, she grows her own plants, she's watched them every step of the way. What more could we ask for when she adds the lure of discounts?

If I get there before you do, I'll try really hard to leave a few plants for you. 

Have fun shopping!


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About Sharon Brown
I am a retired art and humanities teacher. I'm also an artist and a writer. When I'm not painting or on the computer, you'll most likely find me in my garden.

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