By Jacquie F Berger (JB) on November 5, 2013

'Tis the Season to think about your houseplants. Whether is it "House Plants" or "Houseplants" makes no difference....they are still the perfect thing to help you get over the blues, breathe better and just enjoy their beauty.

Take the Spider plant for example, how many people have these plants and have no idea how good they are for your home environment.  

I read recently that NASA and ALCA spent two years testing 19 different houseplants for their ability to remove common poliutants from the air. Spider plant (Chlorophytum) is one of them. They also found the Spider is among those  plants that worked well for filtering Formaldehyde.

For one thing, they are easy to grow and will thrive in almost any area of your home if you give them a little loving care. In fact if you do not have room on a table, you can hang it from the ceiling or window frame in a hanging basket. They love it when you let them get dry between watering. One thing they do not like is being in a draft in the winter.  You seldom find insects on the Spider. They are fast growers and their little flowers are so pretty, how can you not love having one of these plants in your home?

There are several varieties of the Spider. The two most common are the Chlorophytum comosum 'variegatum' with the green inside and white margins on  the leaves; and  Chlorophytum comosum 'vittatum' with the white inside and the green on the outside.of the leaves. There is also a solid green leaf spider.  The cutest one is the curly-leaved one they call "Bonnie" (the solid green and the Bonnie are sometimes difficult to find).

I am fortunate to have all of the above in my little greenhouse and frequently offer them for sale in my Cubits store: 

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This is a picture of how we grow some of our Spider Plants at [email protected] Farm.



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