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Feb 20, 2014 1:43 PM CST
Name: Jacquie (JB) Berger
Wrightstown, New Jersey
This is one of the most popular of the Jasminum Sambac varieties. Other names for it are "Bela", "Mograw", "Motiya", "Mallipoo", "Lea pikake", "Tea Jasmine" and "Gundi Mullige" and Arabian Jasmine. According to Top Tropicals, it is believed to have originated in Iran and this variety is named after Saint Jeanne D'Arc. Its white color symbolizes the purity and chastity of the saintly Maid of Orleans who is usually portrayed in white garments.

The flowers of this particular jasmine are the best to use for making sweet-scented Jasmine tea. This one is also named Sampaguita, and is the National flower of the Philippines and Indonesia.

This too is a viney plant and if not trimmed frequently will take over the entire area where it is located. Branches may reach 6-7 feet. It is fast growing and shade tolerant. Best to keep it on the dry side but water when soil is dry. It flowers in the Spring and the flowers only last one day.

I have two large plants that spend summers outside and winters in the greenhouse.( Shown below) The good thing about growing these plants indoors is that they tolerate both shade and full sun and will bloom most of the year with proper care. I have been propagating and selling these plants for years and the two plants I have now were babies of my original plant that I bought about 8 years ago for $11.95 at a farmers market. It gave me many cuttings and when I finally had to give it up it was planted in a large "muck" bucket with holes bored in the bottom for drainage. It was about 6 feet tall and three feet wide.

Two stock plants both are about 4 years old...keep them trimmed but they still flower all summer.
Thumb of 2014-02-20/JB/423d73

Starter plants ready to be shipped already blooming
Thumb of 2014-02-20/JB/6e9ac6

Another plant for indoor or outdoor gardens. Beautiful deep green leaves and a strong fragrance. What more could you want?
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Feb 21, 2014 6:46 AM CST
Name: Julie
Pei Canada
Very nice, This one I also own. love the spicy fragrance. Your plant is much larger and greener than mine though, I never put mine outdoors, it spends all year in an east facing window. maybe I'll try to give it a vacation on the porch this year, see if that makes it happier. It bloom every year all the same, its just a bit yellow and scraggly looking.
Feb 21, 2014 7:46 AM CST
Name: Jacquie (JB) Berger
Wrightstown, New Jersey
Julie, these plants have a tendency to get used to being in one spot and when you move them, you may see a change in their appearance, but they will eventually adjust to the new location. Just keep that in mind when you move it. Light green, yellowish leaves usually means it is getting too much sun. It could also mean over watering.

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