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Feb 19, 2014 2:18 PM CST
Name: Jacquie (JB) Berger
Wrightstown, New Jersey
Another one of my favorites that I live with is the Star Jasmine. This is not a true jasmine but its scientific name pays tribute to the true jasmine because of the scent this plant gives off that is similar to true jasmine.

Star is an evergreen vine that will climb until you stop it. I keep two in my bird room and I am always cutting them back or they would take over the walls and windows with their climbing. In the Spring the leaves are a mix of dark and light green. The lighter is the new growth. Then the little star like white flowers bloom. Some people think they look like pinwheels, I prefer stars. The scent is so very soft and delightful you can not help to go back for more.

The plant was first grown in China.It is a favorite in USA and Europe also. It is hardy here in the USA from Zone 7b to 10. I propagate from cuttings using rooting hormone. I sometimes when cutting them back for control purposes just stick the cuttings in water until I have time to put them in soil (this goes on year round) Some grow, some do not. For outside use they tolerate a variety of soils. Inside I use a regular potting soil but water them frequently. Many times because they are in the bird room in the winter I throw the birds water on them almost daily and they love it.

On a sad note, a few days ago, after days of cloudy, snowy, and very cold temperatures,so much snow that I could not get to the GH for three days, I noticed the babies are very stressed and some have turned brown. I may not have any available in the Spring as I had planned. But, on the happy note...I got Mommy and she is just fine.

I put mine in full sun on the South deck all Summer. They survive full sun as well as partial shade. When they come inside early Fall, they are in the bird room that has East and North windows and they live there blooming almost all the time throughout the Fall and Winter. They are amazing plants and an absolute joy to have as a houseplant.
Thumb of 2014-02-19/JB/e820f8
Thumb of 2014-02-19/JB/da0874
Babies in the Greenhouse some blooming
Thumb of 2014-02-19/JB/9f2197

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