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Feb 21, 2014 12:58 PM CST
Name: Jacquie (JB) Berger
Wrightstown, New Jersey
If you are wondering if you could grow Jasminum Sambac, no need to wonder any longer. These plants are usually very easy to grow.
There is only one thing you need to remember, it can not tolerate even the slightest "frost". To grow it outdoors you need to be in Zone 8 or higher. They like hot and humid conditions in the daytime, and cool temperatures at night.

As a houseplant, they tolerate both full sun or shade. The plant will grow bushy (you need to keep pruning if you want a nicely shaped bush) in full sun and in shade they tend to get viney. It is a perfect container plant. It likes to be on the dry side rather than soaking wet. But, the soil should be well drained and evenly moist. It is suggested in picking a soil for your container you should use a special potting soilless mix with large amounts of organic matter. You may add perlite to your potting mix to help the drainage. Indoor plants like Southern exposure and can be put outside in the summer. Bright light and regular fertilizer will help with the blooming. Be careful not to over fertilize. Slow release is good for container growing. They enjoy humidity of 50% and higher with good air circulating.

The above information is available in booklet form at or you can download it. It is well worth the time to look into growing these plants if you love fragrance in your home or garden.

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