Thanksgiving Reflections

By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on November 25, 2010

From my heart to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a stormy Thanksgiving Day here at my house.  My fridge is full, my house is clean and my family will be here on Saturday, so let the storms roar on.  It’s a special day set aside to give thanks, but I learned a long time ago that most every day brings with it those things for which we should be thankful.

My daughter said:  “Mom, I hate that you are alone on Thanksgiving!”

And I said,  “Alone is a state of mind.  It plays no part in a strong heart.”

My grown up daughter who is even more independent than I am said, “I want to be as strong hearted as you when I grow up.”

Now I really have no idea how strong my heart is, it just had a birthday and it’s years old, right along wit2010-11-25/Sharran/f1499bh the rest of me.  Doctors say I’m fine, and that’s enough for me.


But a truly strong heart is one that stands on the water’s edge watching a setting sun and is lifted by the strength of its own wings that take it soaring above the water and high above the sun’s reaching rays. In the water below, it sees its own reflection.

And when that heart stands on the edge of the mountain, its strong wings lift again and it soars once more over treetops and eagle’s nests and looks down on a world made beautiful by the magic of nature.  And below, it sees its own shadow.

A small grandchild walks in the door and shouts, “What will we do today, Nana?”  The strong heart wings soar again and we find ourselves magically transformed into the 6 year old playmate and best friend of one whom we carry with us, held always within those same wonderfully strong wings.  And I look down, and see myself reflected in his smile.

It’s the little things that count.

On this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, with storm2010-11-25/Sharran/661f67s raging all around me, I wish for you a strong heart lifted by wings that continue to take you above the storms.  And when you get there, look down. You’ll see your face reflecting in the water below, your shadow bouncing off the clouds, and your smile glowing on the tiny face looking right back up at you.

It’s the little things that make our hearts strong and it's my friends here in this magical universe who continue to make my heart wings soar. 

Happy Thanksgiving,


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About Sharon Brown
I live in western Kentucky with my two cats, Jazz and Daisy. I write a lot, I enjoy all forms of art, and life is very good to me.

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