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Nov 22, 2010 3:22 PM CST
Name: Jon, Chris or JC Deisher
Eagle River, Alaska
So ... what'dya think?
Do you like eagles? I live in a place called Eagle River ... why do you suppose that name applies here? Uh, ... guess! I've seen as many as 4 dozen or more eagles at a time around here, within a mile of my house ... sometimes 15 or 16 sitting in the same tree at the same time.

As you might know from other posts in other cubits here, I like little birds ... but big birds have their attractions, too. Most people have a romantic idea of eagles ... they are majestic looking birds. But they are also carrion eaters, predators and opportunist garbage frequenters. But if you don't know about or see them in contexts like that, then "majestic" fits. So, in keeping with the "idealized" image of our national symbol, here are some images of Eagles, for your viewing pleasure.


Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/8e6de1 Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/ebdb37 Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/b2f25d

Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/8cec8d Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/90a845 Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/c269c8

Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/7e0554 Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/0f6255 Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/f5dc18

Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/a5904f Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/5349f5 Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/e11526

Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/7e3f5e Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/b884bf Thumb of 2010-11-22/Magpie/ce0370

"Magpie" Jon
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