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Dec 31, 2010 7:52 PM CST
Name: Jon, Chris or JC Deisher
Eagle River, Alaska
So ... what'dya think?
Hello whomever finds this cubit!

Here is a series of photos representing various times of year through 2010 in Alaska, between Fairbanks (Interior Alaska) and the Kenai Peninsula.

Happy New Year!

Magpie JC

Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/fb7d2b Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/ba966d Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/a200b0
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/b82a2d Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/1eb97f Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/0b37f2
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/de6649 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/4eae80 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/80c87b
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/d4d69e Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/e594e4 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/bcd63c
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/41247a Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/74c28d Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/c28d6c
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/44686f Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/dda8d8 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/65922a
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/16db1c Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/6a4932 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/c00e8d
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/f0445a Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/8bb927 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/1054bd
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/621e9d Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/ad80a6 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/786f5f
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/142949 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/59aa30 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/e1362a
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/b55796 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/9dfef5 Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/2e1659
Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/7ffc7b Thumb of 2011-01-01/Magpie/1eedf8
"Magpie" Jon
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