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Mar 15, 2010 8:32 PM CST
Name: Gita
Baltimore, MD

In High School-- kind of fresh in the USA--I did not really know much of anything---too busy learning the language and the culture over here.....hard times....
Anyway--I went to an all-girl's HS (Eastern High--now long gone) here in Baltimore. Just across the street was the all Boys High School....
The boy's HS was called City College and it looked like a prison fortress. All made of gray stone with a tower . Almost like a medieval castle....

To me--this was all new-----However--I chose Archery as my sport and continued it until graduation.
We were undefeated! Believe it or not--I still have my bow from HS in the rafters of my basement. It was just a wooden bow with a string. Every time we used these--we had to "string it".
We had to create our own "sights"--like a small stick in the ground you would aim for to hit the target.

I guess my claim to fame (teee..heee...) was that I once shot an arrow at the bulls eye and split someone else's arrow lengthwise that was already in it----just like in Robin Hood.

Fast forward a few years.....

The love of my life became REAL Volleyballl--the competitive kind---the practice twice a week kind---the live, eat, breathe kind of Volleyball. NOT recreational--but killer type, real V-Ball. We traveled to out of state tournaments --regularly. As the years went by--I became more and more hooked on this sport.
I even met my husband through Volleyball. He was as addicted as me--and all the other people we all knew.
It simply became a way of life! We had children--and that did not stop me, nor my Husband. My Mom helped a lot with baby-sitting......

I played competitive V-Ball for over 20 years with progressively better and better teams. We were undefeated on the East Coast USVBA (United States Volleyball Association) women's teams for almost 10 years.

I self-retired from actively playing this kind of V-Ball when I turned 40. Seems I had, by then, become just the driver for all the resat of the team and then, when we got to the Tournament--I ended up sitting on the bench. I guess I was an "old foggie" by then.....message received!
To still satisfy my need to lead a Jock-life--I took up tennis and played that for about 7 yrs.

Anyway--overlapping my playing--and my retirement from V-Ball --I had also become a State and Reagionally certified Volleyball official. I did this for 14 years--"working" high school matches, College matches, USVBA tournaments and also various league matches in the Baltimore area. Good $$$--bad hours!.

All this came to an end when it became a necessity for me to get a job--and I could no longer do referring with most of the games being played at 3PM or so. My Mom also was getting older and more unstable--so that was another factor.

Since then--life entered a mundane, predictable, everyday type of a period. All out values changed--all the friends were different..... Our life-focus was all re-directed to different things.....Saddly--the beginning of the end.

To this day--I think that, when I married, Volleyball, and the fact that we both were from the same countries, was the ONLY thing we had in common. Our marriage floundered, and infidelity raised it's head. We divorced in 1993.

HA!!!! Now, in 2009, I took up playing Volleyball again at a good League (mostly men) at a local Senior center.
And--I still keep in touch with some of the men that played V-Ball on my husband's team. They were all so young and so hungry! I used to feed them all.....I still like to feed people!

We are all seniors by now---but the memories will never fade! What a fabulous life we had!
And--besides all that--an amazing connection with the Ethnic Group for 25 years...Festivals, Parties, crazy times, drinking and partying....Going to each other's the beach--to different states and countries for their Worl-Wide festivals....What a life! My girls still say that no other kids they knew had a life such as they did!

SO! Now I garden........Gita....:o))

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