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Jul 11, 2010 5:59 AM CST
Name: woodthrush
Albrightsville PA
Pickled Beets Recipe
Usually beets are sold in small bunches. I've found that it usually takes two of those bunches to fill a quart jar. If you do buy a basket, figure around 15-20 beets per qt jar. You'll want small to medium sized beets. Really large ones can be past their prime.

You'll want these items on hand.
Large pot to cook beets
Large pot to hold vinegar solution + beets
Large pot - deep enough to cover quart jars with water to process (water bath) them
4 quart canning jars with new lids and rings. Wash thoroughly
Canning jar tongs - makes it real easy to put jars in the water bath and remove.

Ingredients - this is enough solution for 4 quart jars packed tightly with beets
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
2 cups white vinegar
1 tsp cloves ground
1 tsp allspice
1 tbsp cinnamon

Trim fresh beet tops, leaving about 2 inches on top. Wash, and cover with water in a large pot. Cook until fork tender. After cooking, peel beets, trim off remaining tops and any remaining root tips. You can leave the smaller beets whole, if desired, and quarter or half others.

Bring above solution to a boil and add the peeled beets and boil another 10 minutes. Also fill your deep pot with water about 2/3 way for processing (hot water bath) and bring that to a boil. Once you add the jars, it should bring the water level up and over the top of the jars by
1 inch. I use a large stock pot. It holds 4 qts comfortably, but you can buy a
regular canning pot if you like.
Once the beets have cooked the 10 minutes in solution, pack beets into quart jar tightly, add enough solution to cover beets - fill to 1/2" below opening. Clean rim edge before adding lid and rings.
Place the jars upright in the boiling hot water bath, again water level must be at least 1" over the tops of the jars. If you have extra room in the pot and jars might tip, we fill an extra jar with water and lid it and put that in the pot too. Raises water level and keeps other jars in place.
Process (water bath) quart jars in the boiling water for 30 minutes. Remove jars from water and within 5-10 you should each jar lid make a slight popping sound.
Jars are sealed!

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