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Feb 22, 2010 11:20 PM CST
Name: Holly
South Central Pa
It was J and I with our instructor out in a rather small boat in somewhat rough water. Really it doesn't matter if the water is rough once you go down a few feet and get out of the wave wash it is calm. Getting out of the boat is no big deal you just jump in. Hold your mask and reg to your face and your gauges at your waist and jump feet first. It is so cool on top of the water looking down, 35, 60,100 ft or more in those waters you can easily see the sandy ocean floor while you descend. You have several tasks that you must preform to certify. Remove your mask, reg, and vest underwater and put them back on show bouncy control, do a buddy breathe and a few other tasks. All things I had been taught in the pool and they were accomplished easily. One thing they didn't cover in class is what do you do if you have to vomit underwater. Yep, just a touch of Sea Sickness. There I was 45 feet down and no one had ever talked about this. Couldn't exactly ask now. So I'm thinking can you heave underwater? Yes you can, just pull that reg out of your mouth heave rinse your mouth out with a little ocean water and put the reg back in. Then as you are hanging there thinking I didn't just do that and you see all this stuff floating around you and think gross, all these little fishes come out and eat it all up. Yep feeding the fishes that is just what you did. Then you happily get on with the dive. Oh how exciting seeing all the fish and pretty coral after about a 20 min tour around the reef it is time to get back on the boat. Oh yeah now is when the rough ocean waves become an issue. The boat we were using had a large ladder hinged on the back. It is an open ladder which means the there is one center column with the ladder rungs coming off it and the sides of the ladder are open. You leave your fins on and climb the ladder with the fins still on your feet. Ok, but we still have the back of the boat going up and down and the hinged ladder swings up and down. So you just kind of hang in the water at the back of the boat far enough away so the ladder doesn't hit you in the face. Then when it swings down you kind of jump on it. By then it has started to swing back up so you hang on like your riding a bucking bronco, remember you still have those fins on your feet. Then as it starts to swing back down you climb out as fast as you can. Meanwhile your dive buddy has been watching all this in horror and now must do it herself. As soon as you are both safety back in the boat you you can think about and talk about is what you saw and when can I get back in for the next dive. That ladder isn't so scary. Sticking tongue out

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Life is Great! Holly
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