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Feb 23, 2010 12:01 AM CST
Name: Holly
South Central Pa
So we have both our dives in for the first day and we are heading out for our second day and the last two certification dives. The rough ocean has gotten rougher even the fishing boats aren't going out. Ric looked out at the ocean and said you aren't going out in that are you? But we needed to get in two more dives or we aren't certified. It's Ok with us we are full of confidence. Still just the three of us, the dive master had a really hard time getting the boat hooked up to the mooring ball as neither of us were any help. We were both sporting some very large and lovely bruises from the ladder the day before but hey what's a bruise or two......or six. Gearing up on the rocking boat was interesting we needed to be fast and get down into the calmer water as quickly as we could. As soon as we got down to 45ft I fed the fishes again just like I had the day before. We did all our required skills and a short tour of the reef and up we came. This dive required us to remove our gear in the water on the surface. So after our dive master got back on the boat he tossed out a buoy and rope, I think he was afraid he might lose us. So here we are in progressively rough seas taking off our gear and putting it back on while trying to hang on to a buoy rope. J just gave up and let go she just couldn't quite get her gear back on while holding the rope. As she was drifting away the dive-master kept saying in a calm voice don't let go of the rope. His face didn't look too calm, though. Well we both accomplished our tasks and made it back on the boat. We had one more dive we had to do. Dive master looked at us after our surface interval and said we need to go down and do these skills then we are coming right back up no touring the reef. Neither of us argued in we went for a quick 10 min dive and out we came. Back on dry land sitting and have a celebratory drinks with the DM while he is filling out our certification papers. He's telling us how great we did and how surprised he was that we would have gone out in those seas for our first open water dives. Most all the other dive boats canceled their dives that second day we were the only boat that went out from that dive center that day and it is the biggest dive center on that island. What a great start and the beginning of an exciting new part of My Life "In" The Water.
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Life is Great! Holly
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