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Feb 24, 2010 10:09 PM CST
Name: Becky
Florida Zone 9b/10a
Thanks Jan and Holly! Some stories to tell my future grandkids! LOL!

My dh and I LOVE nite diving in the ocean! Yes! My favorite way to dive, too! It is so different at night. I get a kick out of the sleeping fish just swaying in the current. I had the rare experience of seeing a lobster caravan one night. They actually all gather in a 3-4 wide line and walk along the ocean floor to migrate. Hundreds of them as far as our flashlights could see! My dh's whole body was quivering when he saw that! LOL! He's a lobster diver through and through. It was easy picken's for him and the others with us!

I don't like catching lobster though, because I actually feel sorry for them. Did you know they scream when you kill them? Ackkkk! I can't take it to hear them. I love all ocean creatures and I tried to discourage my dh from catching them. Didn't work. LOL! I can't eat them because of it and it bothers me to see them live in those tanks in the grocery store. I don't eat fish either. LOL! But I do eat scallops and clams. Just not anything with eyes.

I did a short cave dive at a natural spring once. It was not a good feeling. It's very easy to get disoriented in those caves. I get claustrophobic in confined spaces, too. Didn't care for it. But the rock formations are really interesting. Cold water though. I like my diving water conditions warm. :-)

I got seasick one time on a dive. Did you know you can actually throw up through your regulator under water? LOL! Sure can! Chums the water real good! LOL! Did a group dive trip out to a reef in the keys on a really nasty day. I still can't believe the dive boat even took us out in that weather. They must've been hurting for money or something ... anyway, they got out there in really rough seas and told us all to get off the boat because they didn't want us all throwing up on their boat. So got in the water and the waves were just beating us until we got about 30' down. But by then, most of us were so sick that we all pretty much lost our lunch. Ugh! Not a pretty sight! LOL LOL LOL

I have a fear of heights. Strangest thing ... I had a panic attack due to that fear in Bonaire during a dive. The island underwater wall/reef drops off straight down to a few miles deep. I was just hanging at about 40' deep off of the ledge and looked down and had that horrible feeling that I was falling because I could barely see the bottom of the ocean in that area. I had a mild panic attack. Never thought I'd have an Acrophobia attack under water!

I loved diving. Floating along with the current and watching the tiny sea creatures in their little communities! It's just so mesmerizing! And the fish are amazing! Some of those Angel fish are really intelligent. Never met a dumb fish while diving.

Came across some really large grouper on some of the Florida reefs. They get huge! Love seeing the smaller fish and banded coral shrimp cleaning the teeth of those big boys! So funny! There is a whole other world under the ocean!

Holly - Did you ever dive any of the old ship wrecks?
Another Day in Paradise!

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