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Feb 26, 2010 3:25 PM CST
Name: Holly
South Central Pa
So I was pretty happy going to the Bahamas for a week once a year. But I really wasn't doing a lot of diving. J and I would go out for 2 maybe 3 dives while our husbands would go fishing. Then J started to have problems with her diving. She loved seeing the underwater world but was never real comfortable in the water like I was and 2 or 3 dives once a year really doesn't give you enough practice to get comfortable. It started with a scare. We had gone out and had a great dive. In the beginning of the dive we swam though channels in the coral heads it was just so beautiful and we had never done that before. Early in the dive we hit about 80ft and then started a slow loop around getting more shallower as we headed back.
At the beginning of a dive your tanks are full of air and that makes them a little heavier. The deeper you go the heavier you are and at depth you compensate for the weight by putting air in your BCD Buoyancy Control Device (the vest divers wear). As you come up into shallower water you aren't as heavy as you were in deeper water plus towards the end of the dive you don't have as much air in your tanks so they are lighter, too. You start leaving the air out of your vest as you don't need it to compensate as you get shallower. At the end of a dive you do a safety stop. If you were very deep or stayed down a long time you must decompress before returning to the surface. If you are doing shorter shallower dive you don't have to decompress but you still do a stop just for additional safety.
Well we had been slowly getting shallower as we looped around and then came up over the top of some beautiful coral heads. J started to slowly float up she couldn't stop herself. I could see her struggling to try and get back down but she couldn't. I reached her and grabbed her fin trying to pull her back down but by then she had moved up into even shallower water and her struggling was just making it worse. She was just pulling me with her. I let go and watched her slowly float up.
Because we had moved up slowly from the 80ft depth over time step by step. It wasn't a necessary for her to make the safety stop it was just an extra caution. But the fact that she could not control her Buoyancy was a big deal. If we had been on a different type of dive it could have resulted in serious injury. J was now even more uncomfortable diving and this pretty much ended her diving hobby. So here I am going to the Bahamas the only diver in the group. I would usually go out for 2 morning dives with a local boat and just follow the group. Two dives a year isn't very much diving for someone that just loves doing it.
One year we went for 2 weeks and I took advantage of that trip to get my Advanced Open Water. Felt terrible guilty leaving every morning for my dive while the rest sat around and waited for me to get back. But I really wanted that Advanced Cert.
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Life is Great! Holly
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