New Joined Members & Administrative pre-approval forum: New Members must be pre-approved by one of the administrators

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Aug 4, 2010 4:29 PM CST
Name: Ron Kushner
Netcong,NJ 07857
We are currently accepting new joined members if the person is already well known to the administrators or recommended by someone that we already know very well.

Anyone who joins without prior approval should send me a C-mail , letting me know something about themselves and their interest in MG's.

Please send me
a C-mail if you have received an invitation so that I am aware that you have in fact been invited and by whom.

If you believe that you should be considered for an exception to the general membership requirements , contact me and I may consider applicants on a case-by-case basis although verifiable (!) references (i.e., who you know and from where) may be required.

Responsibility and honesty are requisites for continued membership;

Cool headed logic and rational thought work best in any situation where a potential or actual conflict may be at hand as contrasted by emotional thinking / emotional reasoning type 'outbursts' as an indication of a cognitive disorder
Emotional 'reasoning' forms the basis of a multitude of problematic situations which we seek to prevent.

Do not feed into any potentially disruptive posts, contact me , make me aware of the situation and I will address it.

We are human and therefore not perfect and we do not expect anyone else to be perfect although any behavior that is considered to be substantially disruptive to the main purpose of the group is likely to result in removal.

We are currently not allowing membership for those who support any person or entities that are antithetical to this group.

We are definitely being very selective regarding membership and are therefore placing the emphasis on the Quality of the people involved as joined members of this cubit and not simply the 'quantity' of members as is the objective of so many other sites.

Children learn as a basic fundamental aspect of Life , that not everybody makes the baseball team or the cheerleaders (even though these are potentially open to and viewable by the public) , on an academic level not everyone will be accepted to Yale or Harvard and likewise not everyone will be invited to join this cubit as a fully activated member.

The basic forums viewable by the public serve to let people know we are here (allows previous 'lost' contacts to relocate us) and serve as a basic preview of this particular Morning Glory related cubit thereby providing an opportunity for us to perhaps become better acquainted with any new viewers.

Should you feel that our acceptance criteria is 'just too much' for you , then by all means consider as a possible alternative to start your own cubit based upon your own criteria however idiosyncratic it may be...

Consider reading or posting to the Vines forum at the Gardenweb
as an alternative to joining this cubit



P.S. - I will eventually place this post script in a different thread but there are a few simple rules that are indicated if you are considering becoming a member or are already a member

1) Stay on topic unless otherwise warranted

2) Thread titles should be as descriptive as possible as this helps to insure that anyone deciding to access your thread is interested in the subject matter and if we get a properly working search engine that can search either thread titles or posts...searching accurate thread titles will be to everyone's advantage both long and short term...

3) Please reciprocate by answering the inquiries of others if you expect your posted questions to be considered worthy of attention and an appropriate answer...

4) We are looking for members who are active participants who can contribute high quality material (i.e.,quality photos and / or quality questions and possible answers - posting only oooh's and aaah's is not considered to be quality posting ) ; contributing both quality photos AND high quality information / answers is certainly welcome but certainly not expected or required of any members because people are often better at one aspect than the other , although lurkers with zero would definitely be better suited to a different group.

5) Please remember to use the six magic letters if someone answers your question(s)...there is no need for several paragraphs of prose or promises to erect statues to your academic benefactor (although gold bullion will likely be readily accepted) ...just six magic letters are the adequate minimum and they spell >Thanks.

Thanking a person (in any number of various ways) indicates that you appreciate their time and don't take their offerings for granted.

Owner of Morning Glory Forum Cubit

"The best thing that you can do for the World is to improve your Self "
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