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I've loved the arts in all mediums since I was a kid. I never pursued it as a profession but it is definitely a creative outlet for me. I made my first thrown piece on a kick wheel in the 80s when I found a local community center after moving to Denver, CO. We later moved to Las Vegas where there were no pottery studios. So with a long break to raise a family, play recreational women's soccer (my new outlet) while working full-time (in a very non-creative business), we returned to Phoenix where I've rediscovered clay after finding a wonderful pottery studio with some master potters and great teachers. I can't wait to retire so I can "play in the mud" whenever I want. Here is my journal of just some of the pieces I've made that I'm happy to share.

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Muddyhands - Creations In Clay

I started working in clay in the early 1980s when I moved to Denver, CO and found a community center with a great studio dedicated to clay arts . It was there that I first learned to throw on a kick wheel. I love to play in the mud.

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There is thankfully, no such thing as perfection in creativity. I leave perfection to the Lord.