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By Dea O'Hopp (Dea) on March 20, 2010

I've written articles over the years here and there and figured it was about time to land in just one spot. Why cubits?

Why did I decide to land at  People have bugged me for years to start a website writing articles and sharing cooking techniques, but I just don't have the programming skills to do it.  Plus, me and hubby are self employed and the time constraints in the learning curve would be unwise.

I've known Dave Whitinger and his sweetie pie wife Trish for 9 years - oh wait - speaking of sweetie pies, someone please beg her if need be...the girl has got to give up her recipe for her hand fried pear pies - seriously, beg her.  When they decided to start the venture of and gave me, and anyone else the chance for that matter, the opportunity to be a chip off the old block in cubit talk so to speak, I jumped!

I'm proud to be member number 5 here; ok, so I'm right behind Duke the family dog, but 5 is a pretty good number.  4 fingers on your hand with no thumb makes it hard to grasp, but with that #5 digit Mr. Thumbkin, grasping the tools that are needed to create your own little place in cyberspace is easy as...well... pie!

So since I'm a cook and a gardener who dearly loves to plant potatoes and harvest them, I'll pay a little tater tribute to  Play around with this idea folks, you can stuff anything in those little holes :)


Cubit Potatoes2010-03-20/Dea/7b8222

Let's start with some potatoes - it's ok if you have some oldish 'New' potatoes.  Just don't use russets, you need a waxy potato that can stand up to some carving.  Boil them until just fork tender, drain and let them cool unless of course you have asbestos fingers. 






Once your potatoes are cooled down, slip off those covers and dice them up into 1" by 1" cubits.  Now - take yourself your best paring knife and drill a little hole

in the top of one of those cubit potatoes. 2010-03-20/Dea/7ed18c


Grab that slice of swiss cheese you've had sitting around and dice it really small.  Swiss cheese and potatoes go together like dots on dice.2010-03-20/Dea/cd27c5








There's a piece of Ham that is squealing - can't I come to the party?  Oh, ok - dice porky up too about the same size as the swiss.




Lock and load baby...2010-03-20/Dea/167da4


Throw these under the broiler for about 3-4 minutes or until you see everything getting all nice and golden and gooey.  Your family and friends will think you are a genius.2010-03-20/Dea/ecb0bb


Try a cubit folks - they're good, it's fun and they're easy-peezee thanks to Dave Whitinger.  See you around, or in cubit talk - see you around the block.  Have fun and share your knowledge.







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