Tuna Mango Tango

By Dea O'Hopp (Dea) on March 21, 2010

Seared tuna with a mango salsa is hard to beat for a healthy and eye candy dinner. Let's use sustainable rod caught yellow-fin tuna.

Tuna - hot seared fresh tuna.  There really is nothing better!  Yet, there are questions on which tuna.  Blue-fin is off the hook delicious, but it's been fished out - no politics here but it's true.  I wouldn't buy blue fin tuna if it was a buck a pound.  I just won't do it.  Yellow-fin however is plentiful and sustainable and a favorite here on the east coast.

It can be dry when cooked, so I like to sear it quickly on both sides and leave it rare in the middle.  Pair it with a quick homemade salsa and you have yourself a great meal with tons of protein and very little fat.

My salsa for tuna is a quick mix of 1 cup of chopped tomatoes (and yes canned and drained are ok when not in season), 1 cup of diced mango, a Tablespoon of diced red onion, a diced avocado, a Tablespoon of Sherry Wine Vinegar, 1 teaspoon of olive or canola oil and a dash of hot sauce of your choice.  Toss all these ingredients in a bowl and let them sit on the counter for 30 minutes - no need to refrigerate this when used within an hour or so.2010-03-21/Dea/88db17









Now for the tuna.  If it's summer, then you'll likely be using a grill - make sure it's rocket hot.  Personally, I think the charcoal or alternative fuel is wasted on this piece of fish unless you pull an Alton Brown and just grill it directly over a charcoal chimney.  A stove with a grill pan works just as well.

Heat the grill pan to the highest heat available on your stove and give it a quick spritz or wipe with some oil - yes, pick the pan up to do this!

Throw on the tuna pieces that have been cut into uniform sized pieces and grill for a minute tops on either side.  Take them off and plate them.  Don't let them rest; just cut them so they stay rare in the center.  Top with the salsa and grind on some fresh black pepper.  Enjoy!  


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