Leaning Tower of Basil

By Dea O'Hopp (Dea) on March 21, 2010

Ripe, warm fresh off the vine tomatoes make this summer salad a winner when you pair it with your own fresh basil. Ah...summer gardens !

I encourage everyone to grow your own tomatoes.  Do it in a garden, in a bucket, in a container, grow them upside down if you need to, but please, just grow your own - at least one plant; pretty please?  Good, now that it's settled, just one more tiny favor - plant some basil next to it.  I feel much better now.

There are some great cubit owners on this site that can direct you to the best varieties for your conditions.  Let's tell them to get on over here and share.  Here's a cubit all about tomatoes! 


We can talk about making homemade mozarella another time. 

This is a salad that requires no dressing; just some salt and pepper.  However, if you insist on dressing, I'd just use a few drops of good quality olive oil.  The taste of the tomatoes, basil and mozz is so good.  There's really no recipe - just click on the photo and remember how happy it makes me to make my food tall. 

To this day, I've never gotten a great photo of my all time summer favorite - a BLT.  That is a sandwich when you make it with your homegrown tomatoes and the bacon is done and the bread is waiting; well, the camera just gets totally forgotten.  The siren song of a BLT is beyond my capacity to show any patience. 2010-03-21/Dea/8fbd2d

Here's the salad - hope you can enjoy it this summer!







And just to show you that I am painfully aware the season is not yet here, this is a pot and bowl of my favorite Tomato Dill Soup that I had to make today using ***shudder*** canned tomatoes.  Feel free to hit me up for the recipe; it's beyond simple and will make you a tomato soup snob.


 Come on Summer !2010-03-21/Dea/f647c8






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