Building your Dream Kitchen - A series of articles

By Dea O'Hopp (Dea) on March 28, 2010

It's not often in life that you get to build the kitchen of your dreams. We've been waiting for years to do this. Let's talk about everything from faucets to flooring, cabinets to countertops. Share your thoughts on what you consider to be your perfect kitchen. C'mon - dream a little !


 We're the ultimate DIY'ers. We purchased this land 7 years ago and have dreamed about a new home with a Kitchen that fits us and our love of family, cooking and gardening. Slowly each month except in the dead of winter, we've cleared the lot, started a driveway that's strong enough to accommodate the earth moving equipment, dug up a few conifers and re-planted them, and very slowly are taking down scrub trees that are very sick or very weak.

Even at our present home, we continue to build things that will enhance the saleability or rentability in our upside down market; and as always there's that cooking element that comes through - the stone work my husband is doing is fashioned after a sprawling multi-tiered wedding cake!

The plans for the house are finalized as far as general layout; the cad drawings are finalized and the permits all pulled - it's time now to get down to the details. I had my first meeting with a Kitchen designer a few weeks ago. He thinks I have 3 heads; honestly, I'm just sure of it. Such a nice man; so little vision. Back to our own drawing board. I'm very tired of explaining why my dream kitchen really will work.

Little things are important; it's all about the details. Even in my gardens I pay very close attention to how something very little can make a big difference.

No upper cabinets. I'm telling you right now this is where they all just stare at me. Nope, don't want them; have no use for them. First off, I'm short and anything that is above the first shelf is rarely used or even seen by me. Second, upper cabinets create the opportunity for no windows and windows are a big part of what I want; plus those upper wooden boxes just make precious counter space become inefficient. And really, why should I block this view from outside what will be the kitchen windows?
2010-03-28/Dea/3c543d2010-03-28/Dea/474d06 I've had too many kitchens over the years where the space beneath the upper cabinets becomes the automatic spot for a toaster oven or a blender or microwave. I'm thinking those upper cabinets are a great way for a kitchen designer/supplier to also tack on some hefty costs? Hmmmm... base cabinetry is much easier and less expensive to customize a bit to get what you really want.

I guess you would call me somewhat of a utilitarian cook. I want my 'stuff' where it's within reach and within sight. If my pans are in open view to me, they get taken better care of since they're always on display. It also keeps me from buying un-needed cookware. Please excuse Clip-Clop; he was being put together for our grandson. Oh, and the frig with no decorative front? Hey, I really wanted a sub-zero and it was 50% off 7 years ago - can you believe that? 50% off because it had no decorations. It's big old nekkid self has kept the food at the perfect temp all these years and our grandson's artwork is much better looking to me than another piece of wood :)

So here I sit with dreams floating around in my head. I'll try to figure out how to show everyone the floor plan - it's very open; almost post and beam style and the dream Kitchen is the focal point in the new home.

Tell me what you like and dislike about your kitchen - what you'd do differently or your wish list. This will be a running series of articles as I share with you the plans and ups and downs of building this dream. When we're done, perhaps you can come over and share a meal :) Utilitarian... even all my dishes are plain white!

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