Conifers in your Gardens and Growth in the Spring

By Dea O'Hopp (Dea) on March 23, 2010

The new spring growth of conifers is an amazing story in contrast. The bones of a garden are particularly delightful in the Spring when you see their new growth. Thumbnail pic is Picea abies 'Acrocona'

I've been requested to pick 10 and only 10 trees or plants for our new homestead we're building - well, except for the vegetable and herb garden of course! 

I promise, as we move forward on building the kitchen which I will need all of your input please, we'll address all other 9 trees and plants that I've selected.

Let's talk bones first and bones to me mean conifers.  We won't even begin to cover the massive varieties of cultivars here.  That would require a 50,000 word article at least, so for now, let's just look at a couple of species and show off their spring growth.  Later on in the season and then all throughout the year, conifers provide background, color, contrast and in the winter months those structures that the snow and ice can fall upon to create the most lovely of winter joy.look

Here are a few examples of conifer spring growth - nice, eh?

Take a look at the spring growth of this Picea abies 'Acrocona' - spectacular in my opinion!



How about this one?  Canadian Hemlock, Eastern Hemlock 'Gentsch White'




Want some sun color?  Got all of that in this guy - it's a beauty! Pinus contorta 'taylor's sunburst'




I'll leave you all with a few more, but suffice to say, conifers belong in your landscape if you can snag them.  Try going to a local grower in November when the winds are whipping and you might just pick up a deal that will last you for decades - really, you'll be surprised!




Please do stay tuned for future articles as we discuss those other "9's".









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