Image Lullingstone Roman Villa.
By Neil Muir on September 7, 2014

Lullingstone Roman Villa was built in the Darent valley in Kent, England. First as a house in 100 AD; then added to as time went on over 300 years. A magnificent piece of the U.K.s amazing & stunning history.

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Image Scottish Smoked Salmon Pate, What A True Delight!
By Neil Muir on May 19, 2011

This wonderful dish is very easy to make indeed, yet is so versatile. Eaten simply with toast or oat cakes it tastes delicious. It can also be a fantastic starter to a main course or a light lunch in the hot weather. For Holidays and celebrations it is a lifesaver as it can be made the day before, and served up quickly. This is also useful should a friend or an unexpected guest come to visit. But once tasted you may be loath to part with it, after the gorgeous smoky taste, of this simple dish.

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By Neil Muir on March 22, 2011

This wonderful dish is always a family favourite. Ideal for lunch, a snack or a supper. It is always a delight, yet it is not hard to make. Also great for picnics and buffets, it is absolutely delicious with chutney, pickles, and mustard's or just on its own. The choice is yours!

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Image Somerset Chicken!
By Neil Muir on February 12, 2011

The County of Somerset is really a jewel in the crown of the south west of England. It is famous for its beaches, fantastic countryside, and to a cook, its marvellous produce. When I think of this amazing place it brings back memories of cream teas, cider and Cheddar Gorge, where the famous farmhouse Cheddar cheese came from originally, and is still made there to this day. This is but one of the fantastic dishes that originated in this great County.

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Image Burns Night My Way!
By Neil Muir on January 25, 2011

Burns night is held on or near 25th January every year, which was Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poets Birthday in 1759. More formal Burns suppers or nights are held; some people have Burns parties, or like us just quiet ones at home. The highlight of any Burns night is the cutting of the Haggis and then a toast of whisky. Follow me to the skirl of the pipes, as we have our own little one at home and I will tell you some of the History behind it!

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Image Vegetable Tagine!
By Neil Muir on January 21, 2011

A Tagine is a heavy clay pot originally Moroccan, but other types are available all over from north Africa, They are simple in design with a base and a cone shaped top, that allows the moisture to be kept in whilst slow cooking. Although they are old in there design, nowadays western manufacturers have produced many modern variations. Some with cast iron bases, non stick and even electric ones! However the one I am using here is my own traditional glazed clay one, which does not need non stick and can cook most things. A totally original and traditional one is unglazed. A similar thing called a Tavvas is used in Cyprus.

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Image Boiled Bacon My Way!
By Neil Muir on January 7, 2011

Boiled Bacon is such an inexpensive and versatile meat, why more people do not use I do not know. It can be cooked simply or with spices and herbs, to make this cheap meat something 'special'. Plus it has many other uses, as you will find out if you want to follow me.

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Image Roast Sunday Dinner: Roast Joint Of Lamb!
By Neil Muir on December 21, 2010

The Sunday roast dinner was a tradition in U.K., where the whole family sat round the table and ate a wonderfully cooked roast meat of some sort, with seasonal vegetables. It was always the highlight of the week for us. Mother used to cook and father used to carve, and the family used to talk about things over dinner. Sadly this wonderful family tradition is now dying out. Children now like to eat meals watching the T.V. or playing on their computers, a tragic thing!

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Image Corned Beef Hash: The North Eastern English Way!
By Neil Muir on November 22, 2010

There are thousands of Corned Beef Hash recipes, ranging from area recipes to family ones. Everyone seems to have one or know one they like. This one is from the north east of England and is a bit different yet still lovely. This cheap and filling meal has surely stood the test of time, and is always worth making now that winter is bearing down upon us.

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Image Camembert My Way!
By Neil Muir on November 8, 2010

This is the way I do Camembert on the cold nights we get. It is a French cheese that is soft and comes in a wooden box, which is very handy for what I do to it. Delicious with onion soup and fresh bread.

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Image The Great British Yorkshire Pudding!
By Neil Muir on April 1, 2010

The Sunday roast dinner is a glorious tradition, a gathering of family and divine food. The wonderful anticipation of the luscious roast beef; the smell of the rich gravy, roast potatos and parsnips, seasonal vegetables, then the long awaited awe inspiring Yorkshire puddings. But it was not always so!

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