Camembert My Way!

By Neil Muir (NEILMUIR1) on November 8, 2010

This is the way I do Camembert on the cold nights we get. It is a French cheese that is soft and comes in a wooden box, which is very handy for what I do to it. Delicious with onion soup and fresh bread.

I love all cheese, of course the King of all cheese is Stilton. But people go to France a lot now and they bring Camembert back, plus you can get it anywhere here. It is a soft cheese but seems to me to need a bit of lifting up to get the taste, so this is what I do to it.

You will need a Camembert in a box, some garlic if you like it and some dried or fresh herbs of your choice. I use thyme or mixed herbs as there is not a lot of fresh herbs about in the autumn/winter. One Camembert in a box and then with the lid off pictured below.

 2010-11-10/NEILMUIR1/206b04                              2010-11-10/NEILMUIR1/a5ede7

Now the fun starts as you must take the plastic wrapper off the cheese then put it back in its box. Then slice some garlic up into slivers.

2010-11-10/NEILMUIR1/88be65                              2010-11-10/NEILMUIR1/acc278

Taking a sharp knife make some slices/holes in the top of the cheese to allow you to put your slivers of garlic into it. Then sprinkle some herbs over the top.

2010-11-10/NEILMUIR1/4997a2                               2010-11-10/NEILMUIR1/a6b133

Now in the mentime have your soup warming up if you want soup with it. I make my own onion soup, but you could use any soup! Then replace the lid of the box and place it on a baking tray, then put it in the middle shelf of a pre heated oven at Gas mark 4/350F for 15-20 minutes depending on your own oven. Now warm your bread up, if you want it warm. Then get the cheese out of the oven, take the top of the box off and check to see if it is melted if not put it back in for a bit longer with the top back on. Serve with the soup in a bowl and warm bread, when ready. The cheese should be soft, warm and runny, and as you will see by the photo it drips off the warm bread.

2010-11-10/NEILMUIR1/1695cc                               2010-11-10/NEILMUIR1/b1ca42

This is totally delicious on a cold night or day, very filling and warming. The garlic and the herbs uplift the cheese, and the onion soup and warm bread are perfect with it!

Disclaimer I have never had one catch fire and neither has anybody I know that does it this way. However if you allow wood and a naked flame to get together it would ignite. Therefore the wooden box should be on a baking tray and away from any flame source. I am not responbile for any actions you take.




For Nancy.

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