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Jun 21, 2011 3:26 PM CST
Name: Neil
London\Kent Border
Dear Linda, Stonehenge is about 72 miles from us! I have been there many times, and it is nice to see. However it is a mere 3000+ years old, that is not old to some of the stone circles we have as they are in fact everywhere if you look for them. On the Isle of Lewis (off Scotland), the worlds first ever chess set was found, then the stone circles which are 5000+ years old, or maybe older they think! Most counties in the UK have some or remnants of them, as Britain was a pagan society! The Romans who invaded in 43 AD were also pagans, and did not stop the British tribes from carrying out rituals on the sites! As you may know the Uk was never invaded fully by anyone in its long history!
To pagans in that time the yew tree or Taxus baccata was honored and still is! For it is evergreen where most if not all native tress were deciduous, so to see a tree that kept is leaves was God like. It was soon learnt that yew is highly poisonous, and was thought to scare away evil spirits! They are still planted in or near cemeteries to this day.
Many old burial mounds have them planted around them, and normally a yew forest as we call them are a sign of pagan activity! Some were thought to be 1000-1200 years old, but when we worked on them it was found that yew regenerates itself, and were in fact 2400 to 3000 years old! this was found out because only the outer core was taken for dendrology, and not not the inside core as well.
Stonehenge is always shown as an example, where are there are a lot older and some say more powerful ones!
Wheres you have Thanksgiving, we have Harvest Festival. This is the winter solstice and is done to celebrate the bounties of the year!
First Footing in the north of the UK is the ultimate thing, or Hogmanay as it is called.
The first Romans to become Christians were at a place called Lullingstone villa and is not far from me see this
To see the Isle of Lewis stones please see this if you are interested
There are many more Linda, but I will not bore you with them!

Bonnie great to hear Tom is getting better that is great news. Give him my finest Regards for a speedy recovery!
The reason I needed you at Chelsea was to educate the Ladies into not drinking Pimm's, but to get into drinkings single malts!
Some of the finest in the world were there, I am most positive you could have picked one out for them to sample!
My Kindest Regards to all.

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