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Apr 26, 2012 11:19 AM CST
Name: Neil
London\Kent Border
Dear Cherie, i have not told anyone this before not even Muriel! About 18 months ago my friends wife's was diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia, which unlike my fathers which is now under control with tablets and is non life threatening, hers was.
She needed a bone marrow transplant and urgently, but getting a match was not easy and he feared the worse.
Everyone in her family was tested and nothing matched as she was A pos. blood group and my friend is R neg.
She was an only child and her two children did not match either. It is not only blood group but a lot of other things as well.
He was at his wits end and one day I found him crying alone in the pub and he had given up and taken to alcohol, which was not the answer!
The Hospital at Guys also searched and nothing could be found at that time.
I am A pos. so went to see them and lo and behold I matched, They warned me it would be very painful, to see my good friend like that and his lovely wife was too much and I did not care about the pain.
Cherie it was very painful to have it done but so was her suffering. Now Cherie she is not 100% as it takes time, but she is about 75% there!
He was told they had found a donor and the operation had been done successfully, then he asked who the donor was and I had agreed he could be told.
He was ecstatic and came around my house with lots of alcohol yes we had a drink as I was very happy but still in pain from it.
My friend asked me how he could ever repay me and I told him this " you nearly lost your wife, you have lost your driving license for drink driving, now stop getting drunk as your wife will need a lot of looking after."
Luckily my words did sink in, and although he still has a drink is not on a bottle of whisky a day.
Where there is a will there is a way, for my regimental motto is "SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION."
We Cherie are all sorry about your brother but with everyone's support you can all help.
Group hug Smiling Lovey dubby Angel
p.s. your plant is very hardy and tolerant of abuse so with a bit of loving care will come back!

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