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May 31, 2012 3:53 AM CST
Name: Neil
London\Kent Border
What should have been a very nice day yesterday for Sarah and I turned into a nightmare! Our old cooker/hob/oven had finally died after years of use so my mother bought Sarah and I a nice new and expensive one as a Birthday present for Sarah and a gift for me, as mother knows that I also cook a lot for them as well, and take things for them to eat over to their house.
It said on the companies website mother bought the cooker from for £30 they would install and fit it, and take the old one away to be recycled. We received a phone call from the delivery team who asked if the old one had been disconnected from the gas, I told the man no, and anyway we had paid to have it installed by them. The man told me that they are not allowed to touch gas and the old cooker needs to be disconnected for them to take it away, and the new one needs to be reconnected by a CORGI registered gas fitter! Registered gas fitters are expensive and normally need a lot of notice, as the cooker was coming in two hours i thought we would end up with two cookers in the kitchen both unusable, as the old one was dangerous! luckily we have an insurance with British gas for gas works should they be necessary, so I rang them and told them the problem and they said "we normally need two weeks notice, but as you are a war disabled pensioner, a fitter will be with you in an hour and that will cost £180 is that OK?" There was no way i could afford that so rang my mother who paid it for us. The fitter arrived and he was a really nice man who was ex Army. he soon disconnected the old cooker and moved it outside, but the old cookers fan cleaner above the cooker had to come out as it was not high enough for the new regulations. As we do not use this thing I was not bothered, but it is heavy and had electrics inside, plus I had no idea how to get it down.
He told me he was not supposed to do it, but five minutes later it was outside with the old cooker!
Then the phone went and the cooker team wo were already late told me they were going to be later! The fitter took the phone off me and said "this couple have paid an awful lot of money for this cooker and the lady has had to take a day off work as you are four hours late already on your delivery time. It states on your web site that you can pay for disconnection and installation which they did, it is not true you do this so they want that money back and the ladies loss of earnings, plus the cost of my time and I am a British gas fitter. Any further food they have to pay for will be paid for by your company. I have already taken my lunch break to help these people out and the man is war disabled, so I want that cooker here in the next half an hour or you can take it back and we will still want all the money and order from someone else! I will ring your boss about this dreadful service."
The cooker arrived twenty minutes later!! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
The fitter put it all in and even using a spirit level got it perfectly level Then he showed us all the safety things and how to use it properly!
I gave him a couple of bottles of wine for all his hard work, and he rang the boss of the cooker company and tore him to shreds about his cooker team as they would not even help to unpack the cooker and it is heavy.
New cooker and it is fantastic!
Some more pictures for you!
Neil & Sarah!
+ Phoenix.
p.s. Lupins love acid soil and everybody puts them in herbaceous borders thinking they like the soil there which they do not. Put some peat around them and your coffee grindings! Lucy the Lupins at Chelsea have no cultivar names yet. They were on display at Chelsea to see if the public liked them?
Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/e801c2

The Williams Formula One car for this year made completely out of box or Buxus sempervirens

Chelsea went purple and pink this year, but fro now some lovely pictures to cheer you all up!
The Jersey vegetable stand!
Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/85b58a Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/cb6dce
Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/7f7c3b Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/1a61b6
Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/8fc14a Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/d4140d
Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/87dc41 Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/af709b
Part of the Thai Golden Palace from Thailand and it was amazing!
Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/0158d2 Thumb of 2012-05-31/NEILMUIR1/904080

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