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Many folks will start out on what is supposes to be a fun and exciting afternoon, day, or weekend trip. However, no one ever thinks they will end up lost, hurt, in an accident, or find themselves in need of survival skills until it is too late.

My Cubit Site is just the place you need to be if you think “It Can’t or Won’t happen to you!” With my real life experiences, studying from some of the World’s Best Survivalist, the military’s way of survival skill sets instilled upon me, some common sense, and the most important thing everyone has the “Will to Live” regardless of what it takes. You must be able to use everything around you to stay alive, get out of the situation you have found yourself in, and make it home Safe.

This is what I hope you will learn and I am able to instill in each of you as you read and visit my Cubit Site “Outdoor Survival Skills with The Sarge”. The most important thing I could tell you is “Never Give Up & Never Quit!”. You don’t need all the little goodie packs of gadgets that are out there to survive! It might be a little harder and not as easy, nonetheless you can Survive with very little.

The Sarge

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Outdoor Survival Skills With (Ret Sgt) US Army

Winter Time is Coming along and it is time to focus on some Winter Survival Skills. Join me at the OSS Site, As I am working on some New & Exciting Threads and Forums for the Winter Season. Articles, Backpacking, Bees, Bushwalking, Bushwhacking, Camp, Ca

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